The Iron Lady

I saw it last night as a New Year’s Eve treat. Has anyone else caught it yet?

I thought that Meryl Streep was very good as Lady Thatcher. I also enjoyed the performances of Jim Broadbent as her husband Denis, and particularly Olivia Colman as her daughter Carol.

The structure of the film wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I didn’t realise that:so much of it would be the elderly Lady Thatcher reflecting on the past. But once I got used to it, I think it worked quite well.

I haven’t seen this because it hasn’t opened yet. I suppose I’ll have to see it if Streep is nominated for an Oscar, but seriously, I can’t imagine a more unpeasant movie-going experience than seeing a (reportedly) whitewashed biopic of Margaret Thatcher, a woman who caused untold pain and suffering, riots, and many, many unnecessary deaths in her stupid Falklands war. She made Reagan look reasonable, an incredibe feat.

I’ve read mixed reviews, but I do want to see it. Jim Broadbent is always great. I wonder if they could only get it financed if Meryl Streep was in it? I mean, sure, she’s Meryl Streep, but an actual British actress (the great Gemma Jones comes to mind) might have been better.

“Whitewashed”? That’s interesting. I wouldn’t describe it that way myself.

I admitted I haven’t seen it, which makes my even posting in this thread, let alone naysaying the film, pretty douchy, but I’m going by what people I know who live in England think after seeing the film. These are people who suffered through & knew other people who suffered through Thatcher’s social slash&burn policies, and/or knew soldiers who died in the Falklands war (which, btw, I realize Argentina has some responsibility for). They believe it is whitewashed. They are liberals though and I would imagine that this is the type of film that liberals will hate and conservatives will love.

Even without the controversy, she’s a woman who admirably broke through the boy’s club to become Prime Minister. That’s all well and good and interesting, but ultimately what good things did she do? How many people did she help? Did she have compassion and concern for the British people? Not that I’ve heard. Who does she inspire besides fellow extreme right wingers? She caused a lot of harm in her life, and did very little good. About the only thing I admire about her is that before she entered politics she was both a Chemist and a Lawyer.

But I know I need to shut the hell up, since I haven’t seen the movie, and the thread is about the movie, so I will.

I have no interest whatsoever in seeing this movie. Thatcher was, and still is, the enemy.

But, really, no matter how much you hate her, wasn’t *Evita *a good show? If you only see bio-pics of people you *love *. . . .

Eh, people watch movies about Hitler. Watching a movie about someone isn’t an endorsement of them, and I don’t think Thatcher herself is making any money off this.

The reviews I’ve read have been pretty crummy though, so I doubt I’ll see it in theaters.

After WW2 Britain had some of the worst economic growth in Europe. After Thatcher the economic growth rate was among the best in Europe. Britain became a richer economy that Italy, France, and Germany thanks in part to the economic reforms of Thatcher. There are literally tens of millions of people better off because of Thatcher and her policies.

In south London cinemas, it’s basically a panto.

Oh, they should have gotten the late John Inman to play her!

Someone suggested Christopher Walken, as well.

Oh no it isn’t …

boom tish.

Or preferably just BOOM!

People watch movies about Hitler being defeated. Of course that isn’t an endorsement of him. When was the last time you saw a movie where Hitler was treated sympathetically?

Arguably, Downfall (2004).

Had anyone done a “Hitler finds out there’s a movie about Margaret Thatcher” video yet?

Not starring Streep. There’s that one when he thought Thatcher was going to played by John Inman. Goodness, Warsaw took a pasting that night.

I am looking forward to seeing the film.
I like Meryl Streep, and I have heard she does a great job and brings some humor to her character.

I am by no means a Thatcher fan, but I was fortunate enough to have met her once when a friend of mine, a Labor Party member of Parliament (Alan Roberts from Bootle), was showing me around the Parliament building. Margaret Thatcher happened to walk by in a corridor and he introduced me to her. She was most certainly a larger-than-life personality and I am interested in seeing how they present her in this film.

The Last King of Scotland was an excellent film about that warm and cuddly person, Idi Amin. J. Edgar was a recent film about the ever-moral-take-the-high-road Hoover. Nixon was a film about, well, Nixon.

Granted, most bio-films are about people who are good and worthy of praise, but there are also films about John Gacey, Al Capone, Saddam Hussein and other infamous characters. Wikipedia has a nice list of bio-pic films.

Yeah, and all of them were rich to start with. They just got richer.

And tens of millions? Really?:rolleyes: A few thousand maybe