The IRS lost my payment


Got a bill from the IRS. I reckoned my accountant made a mistake or something was disallowed or something, so I wrote a check. Then I checked my check registry to see how much I had originally paid. The amount I paid and the amount they said I owed were very close. I’d better call them…

The agent said they hadn’t received a payment from me. I told her the check cleared on 4/13, and that I had an image of my check. She had me read some numbers off of the back. Guess what? My SSN, as they entered it, was incorrect. She used some other numbers to find images of the front and back of the check on their system. I’d written my SSN on the check, and it was correct. Someone at the IRS entered a wrong digit.

But wait! There’s More!

Having determined my payment had been misapplied, the agent could not find where my payment was applied! She’s going to have to start a detailed search with the Fresno IRS office to find out where they put the money. Since they have the check images, I don’t need to do anything but wait. Maybe I should charge them a penalty and interest on the $33 they owe me!

As comical as that story is, I’m happy to hear that you at least had enough proof where there’s no actual dispute you have to deal with. I’m not necessarily of the mindset that the IRS is a Great Evil, but I’m sure if it came down to a he said/they said situation, you’d be in a world of hurt.

You too, eh? The IRS is run by goddamn baboons!

It happens. The Illinois Dept of Revenue lost both my 3rd and 4th quarter tax payments last year. I had to track down the check image from the bank (the most recent one was available online, but the older one I had to order), and both checks were cashed by Illinois and cleared. Never found out exactly what the mix-up was, but they sent me a statement saying everything had been straightened out and that I don’t in fact owe them anything.

About 15 years ago I paid my quarterly FUTA payment of $56.00 Their bank mis-deposited my check as $0.56, meaning I had underpaid by $55.44.

Over two years later we finally got it straight, sorta. From their first request I sent them the missing $55.44 because they truly were short the money.

At first they wanted to charge interest and penalties, then after much fussing by me they waived that since they agreed it was their bank which FUBARed my check.

Everybody was real nice to deal with, just real slow. When all was said and done our various payments crossed in the mail and they sent my 55.44 back, twice. So all in all they paid me $56.00 that quarter.

I’m always honest and give back the excess when a cashier goofs the change. But after two years and numerous crossing payments on the case I decided to let this particular dog lie.

Small business I worked for last year mailed a large check to pay a vendor, but put it in the envelope for the IRS payment. Accounts Payable error sure, but the check wasn’t made out to the IRS.

We called them. They don’t care if the check was made out to Mickey Mouse. They stamp them and cash them and apply it to your account. No crediting or cancelling the check.

So the IRS kept the money and we had to call and ‘splain it’ to our vendor who should have got the check.

I got burned once by mailing the envelope, then discovering the check was still on my desk, so I posted it for the same collection time, with the same external markings and a copy of the form, re-signed, with it. I hoped they opened the second envelope first. No such luck. The first was opened and they scheduled me for a no-payment letter. I don’t know what happened to the second one but they never cashed it. So I sent a new check with the penalty even though I’d actually paid on time.