The IT guy killed my wireless WTF happened?

Good morning all.

Our company is not large enough for a full time IT guy, so we contract it out. I got a call from the office manager to bring in my laptop for some needed work. Laptop is an older Dell Inspiron 1520 running XP Pro with 1 gigabyte of RAM (Yeah, I know…)

What I was told was that the laptop had to be configured to the same domain as our server in order to allow me to be able to log in and send back ups to the server. I would only be able to do this at the office and not from the field.

Essentially, the IT guy copied all of my information and data, and created a new user on my laptop. He supposedly pasted all of my data and programming into this new user, and this is what I am to use to log in to my laptop. My old admin account is still there, and I can log into it but all of the data has been moved to the new user. So far, only about two thirds of the programming I use every day is working like it did before.

Now, my wireless only works at the office. I booted up at home to get my email, and my laptop said it was connected with excellent signal strength but none of my browsers will connect. I have tried to connect from two different client sites with the same result. My wireless indicator says I am connected but I am still unable to connect to the internet.

Perplexing. WTF did this guy do to my laptop?

You may have had proxy settings created automatically by group policy. If this is the case, it is expecting to find the proxy server which will not work if you are not on the office network.

If you are using Internet Explorer, go into Settings… Connections… and see if a proxy server is setup. If so, you need to uncheck the box when you are not connected to the office network.

It’s also possible they hard coded the Domain Name Server (DNS) to the internal server. You can open a command window and type


If it returns an IP address and you get some replies, than the DNS settings are ok.

THanks! I will check on that

His latest email asked me to look into the DNS Server.

My Router IP and the default gateway IP match. The IP on my desktop and on this laptop are within the range of my router IP.

The DNS server IP shows a different IP range

Router: xx.x.x.1
desktop: xx.x.x.26
laptop: xx.x.x.54

laptop DNS server: xx.xY.xY.200

There us s second DNS server listed on the laptop with a much different protocol that I am assuming is the office DNS server


Something is not right here…

What’s odd about that is that usually the local DNS server will be the same as the gateway on home setups. That said, you can program in your ISP’s DNS service and that should work. If the other two are actually unreachable, then adding it as a third DNS server should work.

If you can’t do that, you can always use an open DNS server, like (by Google).

Take a look at the IP settings for the wireless. There are two sections: obtain IP via DHCP or static, followed by a section for DNS where you can select DHCP or static.

It sounds like you are obtaining an IP address via DHCP but using a static DNS.

Have you tried just deleting your wifi profile and reconnecting with your password?

Thanks again for all of your help. will try these suggestions

I always use Google’s public DNS server by default on every machine I own. It’s just more reliable than anybody else’s. Use as the primary and set the secondary to Bet this will solve your problem instantly.

Just another thanks to the SDMB community. The “IT Professional” hired by upper management in my company had, as our friend FinsToTheLeft suggested, set my DNS acquisition to static rather than dynamic. Considering that the aforementioned “IT Professional” spent two days working on my laptop and could not figure this out makes me wonder what other damage he has done to the computer systems at the office.

Thanks for letting us know what the problem was longhair75. I’ve seen this more than once - my next door neighbour’s son has a school owned laptop that won’t connect to the home wireless due to the same configuration.