The Italian Job to be wrecked by Hollywood

According to this story in the London Telegraph, the geniuses who managed to give The Scarlet Letter a happy ending are now going to mutilate The Italian Job - a movie that ranks alongside the early James Bonds in combining humor, action and panache.

Re-makes are usually inferior, but judging by the changes they’re making to this, it’s going to be a travesty.

In case people without Telegraph registration can’t see the link, the gist of it is this…

*The central bullion robbery has been relocated from Turin to Los Angeles; the Self-Preservation Society theme song, still beloved of England football fans, is likely to go; and attempts to cast Caine as Mr Bridger - the criminal mastermind originally played by Noel Coward - have come to nought.

Michael Deeley, the producer of the original film, said: “It’s absolutely ludicrous to set the film in LA. It misses the entire point of the 1969 film, which was about us kicking European ass. It was the first Eurosceptic film… It seems like a complete waste of money to me.”*

Presumably, they won’t call it The Italian Job. But is nothing sacred? :frowning: