The Jack Dean Tyler / JDT / J. Dean Tyler Threads : Bumper Pack Christmas Edition

Well, after my nice cup of tea / quilt-making session with the Straight Dope Fisher Women yesterday, I feel like a little house tidying. Just putting these in the archive for future ease of reference.

Penile Lengthening ColumnBirth of the Legend / First Contact courtesy of Jack Dean Taylor

The Phenomenon Continues - Exploring Psychosis *courtesy of Gaudere *

Jack-ass Dean TylerBrought to Book *courtesy of blessedwolf *

The Hunt For A Sig - Important Board Etiquette Addressed *courtesy of weirddave *

J. Dean Tyler’s Church of Circumscientology – **The Church of the Poisoned Mind **courtesy of Duke

Another one for Gilbert&Sullivan/JDT fans/foesA Savoy Opera * courtesy of psychobunny *

Actually, that might be a little presumptuous of me – assumed it wasn’t a Mod job and wanted to link them together. Didn’t mean to step on toes.

No toes were stepped on, London_Calling. This may actually be useful as a reference when people want to read up on this, well, interesting phenomenon.

I’m not entirely sure if it should go in ATMB, but I wouldn’t know where to move it either. So let’s see what happens with it :slight_smile:

Actually, London_Calling, you haven’t collected half of the Jack Dean Tyler-inspired threads. I may have missed a few, but I think I’ve caught most of the rest of them here:

appropriate moderating in GD?, a serious Pit thread by andros discussing the actions of the moderators in the first Great Debates thread.

Is Jack Dean Tyler Sincere?, the eternal question asked by hansel.

Penile Lengthening Column II, Jack Dean Tyler’s attempt to restart the original thread after it was closed – cruelly cut short shortly after its birth.

A very special thank you to Jack Dean Tyler, OpalCat’s appreciation for the JDT-inspired posts she has added to her Teeming Millions archives.

Circumcision Haiku, in honor of JDT, Mr. Cynical’s adaptation of a japanese poetic form to the modern tragedy of routine infant circumscision.

The Church of the Visible Pink Foreskin, impunha’s religious inspiration.

Survey For The Ladies Re: Nipple Stimulation, Shayna’s inquiry regarding the sensual possibilities of the power-suck.

Do Most of The Dopers Have Little “Things”, a personal survey by Wildest Bill.

Circumstantial evidence

Yikes Billdo ! I’ve obviously only seen the tip of this particular iceberg.

You are forgetting this one, which has an interesting theory:

Lewis Carroll anagrams

Wasn’t Jack Dean Tyler around before, known as JDT?


A Christmas SD column: Is there a Jack Dean Tyler?

Survey Says! JDT is dead wrong, courtesy of OpalCat. This thread gave me a new sig.

Lizard has just endorsed Jack Dean Tyler for President!!.

DO NOT call me for the recount!

I don’t know if “endorsed” is the right term. Let’s just say I enjoy a little chaos, and with JDT in charge there should be plenty. Can you imagine what would happen if the 85-90% of the U.S. male population that is circumcised suddenly discovered their inner anger at this fact?

I mean, there’d be rioting in the streets! Rabbis held hostage! “Foreskin Fraternities” would spring up on every college campus! Chaos galore! Yippeee!

London_Calling and Billdo, you forgot one other thread pertaining to this phenomenon.

Hah! Allow me to be the first to post a link here to the latest JDT thread!

I don’t know whether to admire Mr. Tyler’s sheer staying power in the collective mind of the SDMB or be scared to death.

Wow. Jack was a character, huh? Has anybody ever thought of publishing his works? I wonder if he’s still alive…

JDT was working the crowd when I was still a lurker.

Which one of you guys thunk him up?

If the Mods want to lock this and just leave it in the archive for reference, it’s okay with me.