The jackboot has dropped

It was too good to last. They restricted web access to SDMB where I work. For a long time we just had to worry about cyber patrol which AFAIKT was only set to keep us from surfing porn but yesterday I got blocked by Websense. I can get in after 5:00 pm but it’s soon time to go home anyway. So far I can still get to Yahoo mail and messenger but I don’ t think that will be long lived.

I administer the Websense server for my company, and I decide which catagories to block. I was a nice guy at first and only blocked porn/hate/illegal sites, but after a few months I had to block web based email as well… want to know why?

There was a brand spanking new virus out a while ago, and it was spreading through internet email like crazy. Our anti-virus DAT files would not be updated for another few hours, so we shut down the external email gateway to protect our users. Within an hour though our helpdesk phone was going beserk because we had no less than 5 people infect their PC through web-based email. A few flicks of the mouse later, and no more hotmail or yahoo for anyone.

I wish that I could depend on all people to be smart and not blindly doubleclick on every attachment that happens along, but until that happens we have to be a bastard and do what’s right for the company…

But SDMB will always be open for my users. :slight_smile:

I heard that they monitor internet activity, so I was avoiding the board at work completely.

Then one day I wanted to check something on snopes, and found it blocked. :frowning: So I checked the homepage and the board and they were both blocked. And I was just about to see if it was ok to surf at lunch.

Well, just for grins, I decided to try to access the board this week by selecting a thread directly (I had a link elsewhere).

Yay!!! I can get to MPSIMS!!! I can get to GQ!!! I can get to the Board!!!
Aw !#$$^@, I can get to the board. Now it’s calling my name all day at work.
Zyadaaaaaaaa… you know you want me… Just one thread, Zyadaaaaa… One little itty-bitty thread by Scylla… One post by Persephone… No one will know… Oh, Zyadaaaaaaa


That’s the funniest post I’ve ever seen, Zyada!

Actually, this is Z, Jim is being a sweetheart and putting in a CD burner for me, so I’m abusing his computer.