The Jayne Mansfield Circle of Life

Mariska Hargitay had a baby yesterday (June 28), and today (June 29) is the anniversary of Jaynie’s death in 1967 . . . I think I’ll watch The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield as a tribute.

Then maybe I’ll “walk the Via Veneto naked, for kicks!”

Poor Mariska and her siblings were in the backseat of the car when Jayne was killed in the crash.

(No, Jayne wasn’t decapitated. She was “scalped”, sort of.)

I don’t watch her show, but I like the hell out of her. I think she’s a dead ringer for her mother facially. And I love this picture of her & her dad at The American-Hungarian Foundation Ball:

I understand there’s some debate as to whether or not Mickey is her actual father (some theories say it’s entertainer Nelson Sardelli). All I know is that from all accounts, she & Mickey arethisclose and he raised her along with her siblings after Jayne’s death.

I’ve always wondered what happened to Jayne’s eldest daughter - Jayne Marie.


“Mariska got very emotional while talking about his father, Mickey”

Jayne Mansfield Circle of Life. Hakuna Ma-Tatas indeed.

IMDB has this on Jayne Marie:

“(July 2005) Is a grandmother and lives a quiet and healthy life on the West Coast. Works an office job and prefers to keep a low profile.”

Make your own “Mansfield low profile” joke…