The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer][contains spoilers]

spoilers for Jeopardy 4/17 below
Anybody watching this guy? He’s hit 10 wins, which is already a good feat, but he’s completely smashing daily records. He’s broken the previous single day record 4 times now, pushing the new record to 131K. He’s already 2nd behind Jennings in non-tournament winnings.

Some other stats just from today:
-James’ 41 correct, 0 incorrect (including Final) is believed to be the most number of correct responses given in one game without being incorrect once. David Madden had a 36 correct, 0 incorrect (35 plus Final) game on July 11, 2005.

-$60,013 is the largest amount of money ever wagered in Final Jeopardy. James is the only player to have had at least $60,000 going into Final Jeopardy (he has now done that three times).

-James’ bet of $25,000 on the final Daily Double equals his record Daily Double bet from April 9.

I’m not a regular viewer of Jeopardy but I’ve seen a few scattered minutes during Holzhauer’s run. He seems to be very good at knowing how to bet on Double and Final questions, and combined with his correct answers, that looks like what’s pushing his winnings into the stratosphere.

You have to feel sorry for the contestants who happened to be scheduled to play during the reign of one of these mega-players. Like hitting a buzzsaw…

It’s good for ratings, though (I’m assuming).

Do people really tune in irregularly to shows like Jeopardy!?

He’s a machine. I can’t see anything obnoxious or really unlikable about him, unlike some recent big winners. Even so, I’m beginning to wish he’d lose. I don’t know why - I admit it is irrational.

In one game, I had a thought that, if I were one of the other contestants, I’d just have walked out in the middle of the game. His dominance was so complete, I’d have said fuckit.

(Of course, were I on the game I would have won. So there! :slight_smile: )

I like him. He isn’t excessively quirky or obnoxious like some. Just a betting monster and a answer machine.

My cousin was on many years ago when you could only win five times. He went up against the best player that year who won all five of his games and strolled through the end of year tournament. The champ was kind of unlikeable. He did do the best against him than anyone.

According to my cousin, you are allowed to say you aren’t feeling well one time and one time only and they will reschedule you. He almost did that after watching the champ in the previous couple of games but didn’t. Afterwards Alex said to him, “damn it. I thought you had him.”

When you’re as good as he apparently is at getting the answers right, “knowing how to bet on Daily Doubles and Final” is easy: Bet as much as you can, to win as much as you can.

He was on the Chase a few years ago.

It goes about how you would expect.

The guy has the nerve to make big bets. I think they did say he is a professional gambler.

James is taking the strategy of choosing the highest valued clues first (all of the $1000 clues, then all of the $800 clues). That way he gets a big balance to bet if and when he gets a Daily Double, which seem to be on the $600 or $800 clues.

I noticed that on today’s show (4/17), when a different player had control of the board, they also chose the most valuable clues first, just as James was doing. I wonder if his strategy will be a new normal from now on. I can also imagine that future shows will have the Daily Double on the $1000 clues to thwart the strategy.

He is certainly brave and very knowledgeable. It also probably helps that he got the feel of the buzzer down, ringing in before anyone else gets a chance.

That really is important (speaking as someone who’s auditioned three times and had trouble with the buzzer each time). All the knowledge in the world won’t help if you don’t get the chance to answer.

This guy knows the game fully. He uses aggressive Jeopardy strategy to unfailing find the daily doubles; and as a professional gambler and, presumably mathematical quickness he can bet with precision to own the board. Until he decides to stop. What we are witnessing, is the sublime end to a great, one of the greatest game shows ever. I think it’s over and this is a great way to always leave them laughing when you say goodbye, as the man says.

I do. Why not? Most of the time I have something else I need to do during that time.

I didn’t really like the guy at first, but I’m warming up to him. He’s a professional gambler, and it shows. Wonder how long he can keep it up.

Because you never know who the daily winners are. It’s like watching soap operas once a week.

And you miss all the good questions! :slight_smile:

I hate the guy.

Same here. I thought his smile was more of a smirk.

But then I noticed he seems embarrassed/uncomfortable whenever Alex points out his dominance; I think the ‘smirk’ is just an expression of mild awkwardness.

On another note, I’m not convinced he’s going to beat Jenning’s streak of victories. All it would take to end his run is for him to come up against an above-average player while missing one of his huge Daily Double bets.

An impressive performance.
I do have a question about the prize money though.

James earns $60,000 from his ‘quick questions’ segment.
The presenter says “That’s the most anyone has ever earned!”

But the other two members of the team have already put $115,000 into the prize fund. So surely one of them had already earnt $60,000 (or more)? :confused:

Jenning’s run was ended by a fairly mediocre player who got lucky. She didn’t even win her next game.

They didn’t show it, but after the “Cash Builder” segment there’s the Chase, where you face head to head with the Beast answering multiple choice questions. You have to answer five right before he answers eight. At the tart, he offers you a chance to get less money for one less question or more money for one more question. Looks like this: One of the earlier contestants must have taken him up on the offer. I’m surprised James didn’t since it probably would have been over 100K.