The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer]

March 31 game, Final Jeopardy:

Previous champ: $16800, bet 16000, “correct” bet 15201
2nd place: $16000, bet 9201, “correct” bet 9201
3rd place:$12600, bet 4200, “correct” 3401-5800

no one got it correct. Third place won. Not a distant third, but still.

Final scores: 800, 6799, 8400

I got that Final Jeopardy correct. Had I been on the show, I’d have drawn the logo as " I :heart: NY". I was wondering if there’s ever been a non-alphabetic character in a Final Jeopardy before.

For the Thursday show (under the category “antidisestablishmentarianism”, my response was “what is the Church of England?” After all the contestants got it wrong, Oz said the correct response was “what is the church?” I wonder if they’d have ruled me correct.

I guessed the NY one – I knew anti… had something to do with religion.
The wiki says it is specifically to keep the Church of England as the official state church, so that would have been correct.
Last day for Dr Oz!


I know what the word means; I was just wondering if it pertained specifically to the C of E. (Don’t Wales and Scotland have churches of their own?)

Another instance where a bit more information would have been useful.

I knew “I :heart: NY”, because I worked for Milton Glaser for a while when I lived in NYC.

It would not have shocked me if “church” would have got a “we needed a more specific response”
One advantage of normal clues is if you aren’t specific enough you are asked to clarify (ant least during the first round – don’t remember if that is true during double jeopardy)


Watching last night’s now, and since it hit one of my obsessions…

That was not a pterodactyl, that was a pteranodon…

Are you sure? I was thinking the same thing but forgot to follow up afterward.

Also- I thought Rodgers should have prompted the guy who answered “Pterosaur” to be more specific, rather than rule him incorrect. But I forgot to follow up that angle as well.

Well, it was sort of a stork-lookin’ bat with sharp teeth that cruised around lookin for…

Yeah…pterodactyls didn’t have that bony head crest. Some other pterosaurs had similar crests, but pterodactyl had a rounded head. (A different point just occurred to me…I’ve actually forgotten the wingspan they gave, and never thought to check which it was accurate to while I remembered it, so I’m not sure if they just used the wrong picture, or if accepting pterodactyl was a mistake, however.) the whole group, but

And agreed on your other point - pterosaur is the overall name for the group, so should have gotten ‘more specific’.

Since the category was 11 letter words, I think more specific would only apply if “Pterosaur” also had 11
(that’s my guess anyway)


Ah. You’re right.

Oh, right, the category.

counts Guess it was the wrong picture. (Pteranodon is 10.)

“More specific” prompts are given in both of the first two rounds, as the host sees fit.

Final Jeopardy responses are written down, and if you’re not specific enough the first time, there’s no second chance. In the past, when the final category was about US PRESIDENTS, they’d sometimes tell contestants “be very specific”, which was as much as to announce that Adams, Harrison, Johnson, Roosevelt or Bush would be at least part of a correct response. I understand they’ve revised their practice to say “be as specific as you think you need to be” whenever it’s about presidents (and maybe when it isn’t?) , but others here may know better, so please feel free to correct.

In this case, I’m confident C of E or Anglican would have been accepted. I wouldn’t expect them to announce what other phrasings would have flown, because what for? while it would have the potential to set an awkward precedent.

Finally, since we’re here and not somewhere else, “had got”; not “would have got”.

Ok, I see now I misread N9IWP somewhat. So what I said, but not in reply to anyone.

A pterodactyl also had long tail. A pteranodon did not. I caught the same error.

So, when do they hold the Summer Olympics in Australia? When it’s summer there, or in the northern hemisphere. If the latter, don’t they get pretty cold?

Good question! June-August has average temperature from 3°C/37°F to 20°C/68°F (per Google), so not all that cold. Nevertheless:

So, in their summer, not the Northern Hemisphere’s. Same in 2000, though they fudged it a bit more toward N.H. summer:

ETA–hmn, last time I linked to a wikipedia article here there wasn’t any ‘grabbing’ of the text and/or graphics----it was just the bare URL. Must be part of the recent update? Anyway, sorry for the duplication (which I’ll leave on the theory that…something might change, again).

I correctly guessed Germany as one of the countries for today’s FJ answer. Technically, however, the 1972 Summer Olympics were held in Munich, WEST Germany.

Even more technically, the 1936 Olympics were held in Nazi Germany; the 1972 games, in the Federal Republic of Germany.