The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer]

I don’t see how Germany became not-Germany just because of who was running it…

When I saw the category was “olympic hosts” I figured I could bet the farm. That’s a subject I’m very good at; think I know them all back to about 1960. Then I saw the clue and could only think of Australia, so I’m glad they only asked for one of the two.

Off the top of my head, I can think of think of four countries that have hosted the Winter Olympics in two different cities, and the U.S. has had them in Squaw Valley, Lake Placid, and Salt Lake City.

Even though I’m a Bears fan, I have to say that Aaron Rodgers was a handsome and imposing figure, and that he should take the job permanently, starting before September! :smiling_imp:

Based on looks alone, he’s my choice, even above the hosts we haven’t seen yet. We need to see more of him during the game.

I think Rodgers is doing a fine job. My only complaint is that he sometimes speaks too fast, but that’s a minor issue that can easily be corrected.

He is certainly a welcome change from Dr. Oz.

Even more more technically, the text of the clue was “one of 2 countries with 2 different cities that have hosted the Summer Olympics.” Berlin and Munich are both cities that have hosted the Summer Olympics, and both of those cities are presently in Germany. So Germany is a country “with 2 different cities that have hosted.”

Just out of curiosity, would the answer be “Russia” if they had been held in Moscow in 1980 and, say, 1900?

I can think of at least six million people who might disagree with you.

I don’t see why it would. Moscow is only one city. The clue was about two different cities. If there had been Olympics in, say, Moscow and St. Petersburg, then it would probably count, even if one of them had been during Soviet times and one not.

Good point. I forgot about the two different cities.

What I was getting at is that some countries have gone through considerable changes in name over the last 100+ years. If someone wanted to contest a ruling, they could argue that Russia is not the USSR, just like Grossdeutschland was not the BRD (or the DDR, for that matter).

How successful they might be would depend on the judges, I suppose.

We both laughed at Aaron’s pronounciation of the capital city of Germany. He pronounced it like the small town 70 miles SSW of Green Bay, that is BERlin, not like the correct BerLIN.

Funny that WI has both a Berlin and a New Berlin, both pronounced different that the capital of Germany. Thank WWI for that.

I wonder how he’d pronounce “New Prague, Minnesota.”

Technically the Mars probe unit SNAFU was not pounds vs kilograms, but pound(force)-seconds vs newton-seconds


I have the feeling I don’t know either! (prayg with a long A?)

But I’ll trade you an Ashwaubenon and we’ll call it even. :slight_smile:

Yes; rhymes with “Sprague,” as in “Howard the Barber.”

I was on a roadtrip once with a guy from Lake Geneva when he told me we were stopping for lunch in “Lions.” I looked at the map and said “Oh, you mean Lyons.”

He looked back at me and said “No, Lions. We’re in rural Wisconsin, not France!”

Ohhh, @terentii…I hope that was just brain flatus and nothing more.

Howard Sprague was the county clerk. The barber was Floyd Lawson.


Yes, I stand corrected! It was the mustaches that confused me! :confounded:

Around these parts, we have LaFAYette County. It makes me cringe, but that’s the pronunciation.

I find Rodgers adequate, serviceable, & workmanlike, but uninspiring.

As soon as Rodgers announced tonight’s FJ category was “Shakespeare,” I turned to my wife and said, “Hamlet.”