'The Jerky Boys' appreciation thread.

So I just rediscovered The Jerky Boys on YouTube, and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard! Did anyone here grow up with The Jerky Boys?

I think Kamal Ahmed had some great phone pranks, but Jonny Brennan is the true talent of the duo. I wish they would reunite for some sort of project.

Don’t waist your time with the movie! It’s horrible.

My favorite character is Sol Rosenberg. Here he is receiving a call about an fake ad they put in the paper. It’s the only track I could find with no foul language:


If you’ve never heard of them, or aren’t familiar with their work, I suggest listening to some of their other calls.

I remember back in, I think, 1992ish. There was a bootleg of a bootleg of a bootleg of a bunch of crank calls. It was the Jerky Boys long before they hit and it was hilarious. I laughed so hard the whole time. The magic was gone after the first album though as it became obvious that it was all staged. I do think the first album was not staged though and that’s what made it so funny.

Staged? I don’t think so!

Do you have a site for this claim?


Doesn’t sound like they were ‘staged’ by the way he’s talking.

I thought they just made hundreds of calls and put the best on a CD. I didn’t think they were staged.

There’s no way they were staged.

Tube Bar prank calls

Those are the inspiration for the Jerky Boys and also Bart Simpson’s prank calls.

Thanks for the link, I’ll have to check them out!

I don’t believe the first album was staged. Second one gets questionable and after that they all sound staged.

…Um, I’m pretty sure they aren’t. I mean, I don’t see anything on the web that indicates that they are, if you could provide some evidence, or AT THE VERY LEAST provide an example of one that sounds fake??

It all sounds real to me. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, and I NEVER heard that they might be staged. Is this JUST your opinion??

Beat me to it! I first heard these in I think the fall of '87, maybe spring of '88. A friend of mine had gotten a bootleg from his brother, who was in school somewhere in Boston. Within a month it had seemingly spread among our entire campus; hearing jokes in line at the cafeteria from people who you didn’t know became commonplace.

Listen, I don’t need to read your thread, jerky. GET BRETT WEIR I SAID!!!

Someone I know worked on that in some respect.

Nope. No cite. Just my impression. Haven’t listened in years so I can’t tell you an example off my head.

I don’t think staged either. Love TJB’s, Pizza Terrorist is a good one.

Never liked prank calls as humor, but the man dying from being bitten by his pet cobra is hilarious.