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OK. I got confused since none of those folks appear to have actually posted to this thread. No big deal.

Perhaps it’s silly for me to get upset about this, but this makes me upset. OG SMASH! Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to term Christ a Krishna story than the other way around? Must we look at everything through the eyes of Christianity?

Don’t sweat it, Anaamika. The guy’s burbling. But while you’re looking at the Christ story with a view to demonstrating that it’s a load of horsefeathers, it’s natural to talk in terms of Christ stories. If we’d started off by saying that the Krishna stories were all hooey, we might very well talk of “Krishna stories” from other religions.

Purely as an analogy… when someone is staring earnestly into my face and telling me that I need a tinfoil hat to shield my brain from the government’s mind-control satellites, I have other concerns than pointing out that most generally-available foil is not tin but aluminium. :wink:

Do we have many members who take the Bible

? BAD position to take on a debating forum, in that allows logical arguments about the internal inconsistencies in the Bible into the debate. Whereas “Jesus was the Son of God” is a position I can’t logically disprove.

One need not disprove Jesus as being the Son of God if one reads the Psalms 81 0r 82 depending on which version of the Bible one reads, According to that all men (humans) are God. Jesus also refered to the people he spoke to as being sons of God.When he was accused of Blasphmeny he used this Psalm as a justification for calling God His father;I interpet that to mean he didn’t think of himself, or claim to be anymore divine than any other person. He had many times been quoted as saying my father and yours.