"The Jew is the incarnation of Satan and the symbol of evil."

Take a few minutes if, like me, you’ve not yet had the opportunity to actually read “Mein Kampf” or “My Struggle” by Adolf Hitler. It’s been seriously shortened here and should only take a little while to go through…I put it in the pit because there’s nothing to debate, it’s not mundane, i’m not asking a question, I wouldn’t like to talk about it over a cafe, and it just seems like the best place.

Erm. What, exactly, do you want to talk about, regarding Mein Kampf?

Sorry, I wouldn’t dream of reading an abridged version of Mein Kampf and missing all the good stuff.
It is true though. I am Evil.

This guy Hitler sounds dangerous to me. I say if he gains significant political power, we kick Germany out of NATO.

Is it really necessary to pit Hitler? I mean… he’s evil. We get it, already. Anybody who hasn’t figured that out by now, isn’t going to be swayed by this thread.

Stalin sucks, too.

And he didn’t even write any bestsellers.

I’m reminded of the Onion columnist Jackie Harvey, who writes “The outside scoop.” He had a column titled Hitler Was Wrong! in which he said “Kudos to Ted Turner for ripping the lid off this historical villain!”

Well, that and he’s been dead 60 years.

Kind of a meta-excursion from the topic, but how exactly would Godwin’s Law apply to this thread? :dubious:

Clearly, it would reverse to the allied side. The first person to accuse the OP of being worse than Churchill automatically loses the debate.

I dunno, I’ve been on the fence about this Hitler fella for awhile now…but after this brilliant OP I can now see what an evil guy he really was!

He does make some intriguing points, though.

England could use some more land.

Have any of your heard of that alienist, Fraud or Froid or something? He’d probably have a field day with this Hilter (sp?) fellow.

alterego, for daring to compare Hitler with Hitler, you have gone too far. You and your kind are worse than The Beatles! :mad:

Ve vere not “Narr-zees”.

Ve vere NAZIS!

Shouldn’t it be better than Churchill?

Mein Kampf shows up all over the place in Indian bookstores. Apparently the “Hindutva” Hindu-communalist movement admires its “Aryan nationalism”.

(Well, it was all I could think of to say about Mein Kampf. Good lord, I think alterego has actually discovered a rant-proof Pit topic.)


That’d make a cool name for a bunch of movie villians.

So, how long can a Hitler thread last before someone mentions Heinlein or homosexuality?

This may be a good place to remark upon this; I read somewhere that everyone was up in arms because Hitler wanted a united Europe, and now we do have one and its a good thing. Different times?

Err…a bit more than different times. If you can’t note the difference between a Europe united as a union with similar economic and political interests and Europe united under the heel of a dictator who wanted a certain portion of the European population destroyed in the name of purity…well, maybe this OP does have a purpose. Try reading Mein Kampf and then come back and compare the Third Reich to the EU.