The John Birch Society

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Is the John Birch Society still in business, and if so, where have their targets shifted to after the fall of the Soviet Union?
China? North Korea? Cuba? Radical Islam??

I remember when I was a kid, we had some “John Birchers” who lived a few houses down the street from our house, and every Halloween they used to hand out political brochures and leaflets (instead of candy) to the kids who were trick-or-treating. They always gave us instructions that we were to give this information to our parents when we got home.

Any other Dopers have any similar experiences with John Birchers (or any similar equivalent organisations in your own nation??)

They’ve taken over the White House.

From the John Birch Society web site, it appears the major issues to the JBS are:

No Illegal Immigration! No Amnesty! No Guest Workers!
NO North American Union!
Repeal NAFTA!
No Civilian Disarmament! [gun control]
Get US out! of the United Nations [an oldie but a goodie]
STOP the FTAA! [Free Trade Area of the Americas]
Government controlled education undermines the foundations of a free society.

:confused: Sure that ain’t Free Republic?!

According to Wikipedia:

Jesus. I hope you kids crapped on their lawn.

Classic song by the Chad Mitchell Trio.

From the Credit-Where-Credit-Is-Due Department…

How do they feel about fluoridation?

You must have loaded the Libertarian site by mistake.

Nope, that’s the Birch Society- which has always had a libertarian & neo-isolationist streak, and hasn’t been too fond of the Bushes, and only slightly more supportive of Reagan.

~Former Bircher, 1980-82, 1988.
(I found that I’d become a bit more liberal & a big less paranoid than the JBS during my
1988 stint… or more pragmatic & less idealistic… or just slightly saner.)

Not in the Economic or Foreign Policy divisions… see the whole thread so far.


Good God. I didn’t think anything could be worse than the people who handed out toothpaste instead of candy, but evidently you’ve experienced it.

My condolences.

Granted. My biases–domestic issues like worker’s rights, feminism, queer equality–colored my view. I reconsidered after posting that I was thinking more of reactionary elements in the current Republican Party–the Virginia House of Delegates for example–as a better match for the Bircher mentality than the Bush White House, given that Bircher issues correspond with much of what divides the Chimp from the reactionaries outside the Beltway. “White House” just made for a snappier wisecrack.

Yeah, I remeber those clowns. What really put a bug up their ass was that some of the kiddies were trick o’ treating for UNICEF, which to the Birchers was all part of a Commie plot.

Or this one by Dylan.

The JBS agenda does sound like Pat Buchanan’s platform, doesn’t it?

Pat probably does have something of a Birchite following, though his economic protectionism goes against their libertarian streak. Also, while he’s definitely
anti-internationalist, he doesn’t get all lathered up over the CFR-Trilateral deal.

Maybe 5 or 6 years ago, there was a letter to the editor of a small local paper. The writer self-identified as a JBSer. His letter explained how Planned Parenthood was originally started as a way to get blacks to not breed so much.

Margaret Sanger did indeed write some things in the 1920s which could be construed that way. She did adopt some of the eugenic theories popular at the time and applied them to the underclasses, which of course contained many minorities.