The Jupiter Saturn conjunction!

If you are in the Eastern time zone you had better hurry out, and find a clear SW horizon.

Amazing. Easily got both very close in my 5" Celestron.

The coolest thing was having Titan to the lower right lined up perfectly with the 4 Galiliean moons (one of which Io I’d guess was very close to Jupiter’s disc). I also had an airliner fly through the view right over the two of them.

Yeah, share some pics.

Too cloudy here. Balls.

Cloudy here too. However, live stream of the view through a pretty significant telescope…

Went out and saw it. Yep. Kinda underwhelming.actually. Maybe next time…

It is pouring here to the extent that rain is the only activity that can possibly happen tonight.

I went with the ‘Christmas Star’ theme and used a star filter on my camera to take a pic. Twin ‘stars’. I like it.

Google Photos

Same thing where I am.

I got a few miles out of town, and the moon came out and gave enough light for me to see this, so I went back home. I’ve seen a few naked-eye/Smartphone pictures, and they’re quite cool.

Unless you have equipment, it’s just two dots in the sky. I’m hoping someone here or on my FB can do better please!

Uh… nevermind.

Thank you. Here in Nassau County Long Island we weren’t gonna see shit. Clouds and city light pollution. Nice to see how close they actually got. That’s pretty damn cool.

Lucky. Overcast here. :frowning_face:

I have the Celestron FirstScope I bought on a lark, and I enjoy looking at the planets.

Even without a telescope, I was able to see that Saturn had rings. It’s possible that it will be visible again tomorrow.

Binoculars? Or you saying you could tell with your own eyeballs?!?!??

My own eyeballs.

Nonsense. Even in binoculars you can’t see Saturn’s rings, though there are disputed reports that someone could detect Jupiter’s moons with the naked eye, so perhaps that’s what you were seeing, an ‘ovaling’ of Jupiter because of the moons. Today’s configuration of Jupiter’s moons makes that iffy but maybe.

I’m not sure what you’re going on about - if you think I meant I could see them in detail or something, well, of course not. But I guess here we always need to spell everything out in excruciating detail.

If you look close at the picture I took, you can see which is Saturn and which is Jupiter. It was pretty obvious to me when I was looking at them.

I saw it here in Panama, from the oceanfront promenade in Panama City, using 10x binoculars. There was some cloud, but it was clear in that direction. Unfortunately I could only watch until 6:45, since our covid curfew starts at 7 PM. Now that I know where to look for them, I may lug out my spotting scope tomorrow. I’ve seen Jupiter’s moons before and Saturn’s rings, but didn’t see them tonight.

OK, it wasn’t apparent to me you were talking about your photo, not seeing Saturn’s rings by looking at the sky.

Yes, Jupiter is much brighter than Saturn. But you can’t see Saturn’s rings naked-eye. In binoculars on a good night it can appear a bit oval. Jupiter’s moons can easily be seen with 10x binoculars.

Saturn was most definitely oval, and it was very cool to see. I was surprised, really, how visible this was. We got lucky here for sure.