The Kanji Character, 高, Totally Looks Like a K't'inga Class Battlecruiser as Viewed From the Bow

Totally mundane and pointless, but I felt my epiphany had to be shared.

Qapla! Thlingan’ Hol! :wink:

I see a box with “9A” above “D8” Where’s a good place to get a Kanji font add-on (for Firefox, if it matters)?

And these two characters, 東京 (Tōkyō), totally remind me of a pair of bacteriophages preparing to land on a cell.

Nice! I totally see it.

I think they look like landers trying to steal my colonists. (Slips another quarter into Defender)

What OS are you using? You may need to install a language pack.

Hey, whatever helps you remember the characters, y’know?

For example, I remember salt (塩) pretty easily because of the root kanji being dirt, the three on the right being person, mouth, and dish. Salt comes from the earth, people put it in their mouths or pour it on a dish.

I like park (園) because to me I see it as two people watching a kid put dirt in his mouth in an enclosed area. :smiley:

Windows XP. I’ll do a search for language pack and see what I can find. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Actually, 高 looks to me like a Hispanic peasant wearing a sombrero sitting at a table where he is preparing to sell the turistas exotic souvenirs of their visit.

I find teeth (歯) to be pretty funny. I imagine that my teeth would look that way from the dentist’s point of view.

Fixed it. Yeah, it does look like that.

Anyone read Sinfest?

I’ve always thought the Kanji for Japan, 日本, looks like a filing cabinet and a diode symbol.

I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

I like the character for escape, 逃. It totally looks like a turtle shell being squashed on the road. I think I got that explanation from the Heisig Series of books. They’re great btw:

The only character I can consistently recognize is “の”. Mostly 'cause it looks vaguely out of place; like a new actor they bring on to a long-running TV series to replace people who’ve left to pursue film careers. You know they’re trying to do their best, but it’s just not the same as the ensemble we’ve grown to love.

If you’re gonna have a completely pointless discussion about Klingon ships, I should add that someone has made an exhaustive analysis of the inconsistent sizes of the Bird of Prey ships on the various shows and movies. Some people have too much time.