The Keoghanite Pilgrimage (TAR-related)

Catholics pilgrimage to Rome.

Jews pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Muslims pilgrimage to Mecca.

Keoghanites (also known as TarGeeks) pilgrimage to wherever Phil has set foot.

And take pictures!!

Supervenusfreak and I went driving around today to the two spots where the Amazing Race filmed in the area. And we have Geekylove pics.

supervenusfreak admires the sign for the Detour farm.

As do I

Apparently the producers allowed the Brubakers to keep the waterwheels to sell. They’re going for $500, and believe me, if we had a backyard bigger than most people’s living rooms and something other than a Cutlass Ciera to carry it back in, we’d have bought it…

supervenusfreak with the waterwheel

We also went to Blue Rock Road to the Pit Stop!

But [url=]where’s Phil?!

We are SUCH geeks…

Ah, crap!

Where’s Phil?!

Fixed link. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys made my whole weekend … thanks for the pictures! I was recently near the Blue Rock Road farm, but it was before the season premiere, so I didn’t take pictures. Damn my spidey senses for not tingling!

Anyone else out there been to any TAR locations? With pictures?

How fun! Do you know if those are the actual water wheels assembled by the racers, or are they just similar ones that are routinely sold anyway?

They are the ones assembled by the racers themselves. :smiley: .

How much for the buggy that one of the teams ruined?

LOL. They never offered. We never asked…

I don’t think the buggies are a regular part of the life of those farms. The Brubakers don’t appear to be Amish (or even Mennonite…not strict ones, anyway). They had cars and trucks in their driveways. I’m thinking the Mennonite folk that were handing out clues at the farm were dressed-up extras.

If you’re geeks for going and taking the pictures, what am I for squeeing over them?

The exact quote: “The blue siloooooos!”

There are quite a few Mennonites in my area, and they all drive cars and such. I’m not entirely sure what all the differences are between the Amish and the Mennonites, but cars (and tractors) are definitely involved. We recently took a road trip out to Indiana for the Worst Wedding Ever, and we ran into a whole gang of Mennonites at a rest stop on the interstate. In our experience, you can tell if someone is Mennonite if they are wearing “Amish-style” clothes with Skechers. Don’t know why, but the Mennonites around here seem to really dig their Skechers.

The Mennonites around here drive cars. They also have a waaaaaay overpriced and not all that good restaurant, though the meatloaf is spectacular. They are apparantly all named Yoder. There is a kinda large community about 50 miles north of here.

Cool pics, cause I like rural stuff. I know nuttin’ about The Amazing Race however. A large number of my friends think I am strange because I have never watched it, don’t even know when it’s on and didn’t even bother to turn on my tv when I got a phone call telling me it was on! The horror! :eek: I didn’t want to interrupt my [del]porn surfin’[/del] highly important internet research.

Wow… I so do not get this thread at all. I figured “Hey, it’s a topic started by jayjay and swampy replied! It must be interesting!”

I’m going to walk away now, very confused.

Just have to say: You guys rock! If the Race comes anywhere near us, I’m **so ** dragging DeHusband out to on a Keoghanite Pilgrimage. (He’s used to it: one year we drove north until we found snow.)

I hope the come to Atlanta and get a clue about Peachtree. Because **all ** roads in Atlanta are a variation of Peachtree.

Amish do not use technology. Mennonites do.

There are several kinds of Mennonite folks. You have the Amish, who are pretty much like the folks in “Witness”. There are the Old Order Mennonites, who own cars (very plain, without radios and AC), dress much like the Amish, and are allowed to hook up to public utilities. Then you have the Mennonites, who pretty much dress and behave like all of us here. Well like some of us anyway.

And yes Swampbear, there are plenty of Yoders in the Mennonite Community. Being related to them, that’s actually my last name too. :smiley: