The Kingerman Virus

Got an email from a friend today that was a warning about the Kingerman virus and how dangerous it was. To PEOPLE, not machines. Supposedly 7 out of 23 people have died after opening a big blue envelope they found in their mail boxes with “A GIFT FOR YOU FROM THE KINGERMAN FOUNDATION” printed on it. In the envelope is a sponge in sealed plastic. The sponge is doped with a virus that is new to virology. Big warning: DO NOT OPEN. CALL THE POLICE, blah,blah.
I searched the CDC and other virology and medical sites and found…nothing.
My friend had already sent this"notice" to 8 ot 10 other people. I don’t know where he got it.

My question is: What is the original sender after? Is he compiling a list of people under the guise of a medical virus emergency so he can send out a computer virus? What’s his possible motive?
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An already debunked urban legand.
Check Snopes.

It’s a hoax.

My brain isn’t working right today (got a bad cold). But if you go to, and either go to the “Toxins du jour” section, or do a database search (type in Klingerman & it’ll pop right up), you’ll find the story behind it.

Oh, and while you’re there, bookmark that site. We here at the SDMB looooooove Snopes. There’s lots of posters here that participate in the message board there, too.

dragonlady’s post wasn’t there when I started mine! I swear! :eek:

Thanks all. I know about Snopes; have it marked, but for some reason it’s so agonizingly slow on my webtv to get there that I usually give up in disgust. I’ll try again.