The Kinkstah!

I’ve been reading Kinky Friedman’s books (again and again!) for years - love his tales and the way he tells 'em. For a long time, I’ve wondered what the Texas Jewboys sound like, and I figured, anyone who could appreciate The Kinkstah’s writing/music, might also be someone who appreciates Our Lord and Master, Cecil.

So, who’s got one of his records? What are his “hits”? (Tried checking him out on CD Now, but they don’t provide much info and I couldn’t get the audio clips to work (my computer at home sucks big wanking elephant turds).

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.
C’mon up and see me sometime. has “Old Testaments and New Revelations”, by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. It’s contains these deathless classics as:

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To You
Western Union Wire
Highway Cafe
Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed
High On Jesus
Sold American
Ballad Of Charles Whitman
Silver Eagle Express
Flying Down The Freeway
Why Do You Bob Your Nose, Girl? (Second Hand Nose)
Old Ben Lucas
Men’s Room, L.A.
Waitret, Please, Waitret
Tramp On The Street
Nashville Casualty And Life
Homo Erectus
Asshole From El Paso
Wild Man From Borneo
Ride ‘Em Jewboy
Schwinn Twenty-four
They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore

Kinky had some solo albums too. I must admit I’ve never heard his work, but anyone who could write a song titled “They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore” is okay in my book.

I saw Kinky on an old SNL show,where he performed a (now) sad song called Dear Abbie,when Abs was in hiding.

Based on that songlist, I’d start with “Old Testaments”. It includes all the songs that made him famous.

Once upon a time I had Lasso From El Paso, his first album (I think.) The tribute CD “Pearls in the Snow” is good if you want to hear, say, Willie Nelson singing “Ride 'em Jewboy”. I also have “Under the Double Ego”, which is a mostly good mostly acoustic solo album (mostly notable for “Marylin and Joe”.) I’d start with either “Lasso” or “Old Testaments” though, since they have the hits.

orangecakes: I thought “Dear Abby” was a John Prine tune. Was I wrong or was this a different song?

Since we’re on live stuff, a friend told me about seeing Kinky when somebody thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to the show. He’s doing his usual (blue) banter, and the kids are at the front of the stage with their mouths opening wider and wider, and this in turn is making his guitarist’s face turn redder and redder. Kinky looks over at the guitarist and says “Shoot Frank, I understand. My Momma told me never to say shit or fuck in front of a K-I-D too!” I’ve seen Kinky once. I can’t remember any of what he said, but at one point Sammy Allred, who was playing mandolin, stopped the show to count the audience to see how badly Kinky was screwing him on his pay!

Just finished reading Blast From The Past in which Kinky helps hide Abbie while
Abbie’s on the run. Kinky is mistaken for Abbie and attempts are made on his life. (So how much of this is true? Anyone know?) As always, a rollicking, good time is had by all. Including the lesbian dance troupe, the chess-playing cat, and the negro puppet head. (In this one, we find out how Kinky met and became friends with all the Vandam Street Regulars.)

Yeah, I liked the title of that one too!

Thanks for the tips, cornflakes! I’m ordering today!

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.
C’mon up and see me sometime.

Doh! Wrong Abbie!!!
But John Prine did write a “Dear Abbie”.