The knot in my stomach goes away when..

I stop dreaming and realize voter, election, voting fraud goes on unhibited in this country. If I spook can influence an election in south america, why not here? these people running things aren’t that bright but they could sure rig an election.

Anyway, i’m happy my knot is gone. Accept the truth, physical pain stops.


Bush won by having the CIA rig the election? Interesting theory. Without the slightest support I’ve heard, and without any backing information and certainly without citations, but interesting. And probably full of well-pressed sour wine.

You’ll do well here.

Well, no.

I knew there was a reason my gall bladder quit hurting after Ohio was called for Bush …

Is ‘I spook’ eSpook’s competitor?

The knot in my stomach goes away when…I keep taking the tablets.

stops to readjust tinfoil hat

You heal yourself??

Is this a trick question?