The Lady is a Tramp

In this Frank Sinatra song this phrase seems to be used in a complimentary fashion. Can someone please explain? Thanks.

We have discussed this before. In short, he is supporting her choices against those hypocrites who are finding fault with her free-wheeling lifestyle.

It’s irony. The lady is a “tramp” according to her stuck-up, materialistic, sheep-like friends.

She’s a sincere, unsophisticated girl who genuinely enjoys life – everyone judging her is a hypocritical jaded snob who takes life for granted, so in their elitist eyes, she’s an uncouth hick who just fell off the turnip truck, hence they dismiss her as a tramp.

For further details, the song is not originally by Frank Sinatra but from the musical Babes in Arms.

I expect if you saw that, it would make a lot more sense. Or, if you’re only interested in the Sinatra version, I’m sure watching Pal Joey will explain that one.