The language of The Bible

I think most English speaking people are used to and use the King James version of the Bible,with all its archaic language,even though there have been many other,later translations. Does this apply to the Bible in other languages such as French,German and Spanish ? Does the version of the Bible that is used most often in other countries use older language forms and translations,or do they only use up-to-date versions?.If they use older versions when do they date from ?

It varies. There are no “official” translations per se, and some languages, like Greek, have changed very little over time while others, like English, have changed a lot. Wycliffe is currently working on 1,095 translations in addition to the 500 they have already done. Bible translators are entirely free-lance people. I used to know a man with one doctorate in English from U. Chicago and another doctorate in Theology from Harvard who was an ordained Lutheran minister (we called him the Reverend Doctor Doctor) and was self-taught in Hebrew and Greek. He helped translate the famous New International Version.

Most popular languages, like Spanish and German, have more than one version while others, like Tagalog and Inuit have only one done by notable authors. That said, it is impossible to know for sure how many versions exist in every language. I taught myself Koine Greek and did my own translation of the Book of John when I first began my study of Christianity. Would that count as another English version? I suppose so.

Oops. I missed the question about dates. They also vary. Here are a few, given by a site regarding translations from the Received Text: