The Large Hadron Collider has failed to bring catastrophe. I am vexed.

It’s been on all day.

There have been no black holes. No antimatter explosions. No time vortexes releasing packs of velociraptors onto the fields & mountains of Switzerland, and as a result both Heidi and those obnoxious Robinson children have not been eaten.

I am vexed. No, strike that. I am en-fucking-raged. Someone will pay for this.

Well, crap. I was pretty much counting on a major reality-rending event today so that I could avoid going on a long walk tomorrow morning. I suppose this means the chocolate I snarfed down this afternoon actually counts now. :mad:

You just wait until they start actually colliding stuff. Mark my words, we’ll all disappear in the blink of an eye!

Don’t mock unevents. They may become vents at anytime. Especially on message boards.

I, too, was hoping to use the obliteration of Terran System h as an excuse to overindulge in carbohydrates. As Sol and her satellites remain unobliterated, I am thus obliged to get on the treadmill for an extra hour. I blame the foreign kid.

You know, this whole lower-energy-quantum-vacuum-state-disintegrating-the-universe thing was a lot less dramatic than I thought.

I mean, you figure there’d be less traffic.

You know, of course, that they’re only gradually ramping up collision energies? They don’t expect to get to universe-smashing levels at least for another month.

[sub]Quick! Was the collision energy “two bullet-trains smashing together” or “one millionth of the energy released by dropping an apple from a height of one metre”? Get the notes! And what’s that flashing on the control panel? I knew we shouldn’t have gotten Halliburton to build this thing![/sub]

Oh, just wait till Oct, 21st. It’s when they actually will cross the beams.

Sorry, dude. I couldn’t hear you over the noise of my Baryon Evaporator starting up, which, unlike the LHC, is actually intended to do wreck stuff.

Wow, so smug. You realize, of course, that the universe could end at any ti

M’Lord Rhymer, with all respect - aren’t there other means of catastrophe at your disposal? What of the bees, m’lord?

Sweet Jesus, no! Don’t cross the beams! Have you gone mad, man?

Are you sure nothing happened ? Has anybody checked if Pluto is allright ?

I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing, what do you mean by “bad”?

Did you hear some chick in India actually killed herself over this?

Lots of people are going to temple and praying, but I’m less concerned about that - after all, in this country people still stay home all day on Friday the 13th.

I love the Large Hadron Collider even though I don’t understand fully what it does. It’s the coolest thing ever.

Well, yeah, how else are they going to try to avoid Jason Voorhees?

It collides Hadrons, duh! :wink:

I prefer the more pedestrian term “Atom Smasher” myself, it’s a big machine that smashes things, wonder if it could smash a Blendtec blender

New website idea; “Will it Collide?!”
Yayy, 'Mika’s back! :smiley:
And there was much rejoicing!

Yay! Well, thanks!

Atom Smasher is a cool name, but it doesn’t match up to Large Hadron Collider, I’m sorry.

Bad news, everybody. I just checked the planet roster and… there is no Pluto! :eek:

Ye gods, the large Hadron collider has disappeared Pluto!


I thought it was safe to stop worrying today. :frowning: I felt like I was going to barf all week…