The Large Hadron Rap

The Large Hadron Rap, by MC AlpineKat (aka science writer Kate McAlpine)

I’ve been looking for a chance to post my own nerdy hip-hop opus, and I think I’ve finally found that opportunity:

 [Introducing Lil' F(x) featuring D-Riv.](

 I'm the one with the long hair and the flow.

The Large Hadron Rap is cool (and I hate rap music). I have to say (for no particular reason, other than maybe that I’m usually always the last to hear about anything) that I actually found it on YouTube on my own, a few days before I saw a news story talking about how it had gone viral. I helped it along by passing it to some friends, but no one told me about it, I just found it while searching for info on the LHC.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, the science in it is good. Would that all science popularizers knew their stuff as well (one of CERN’s own official releases actually said that after the protons reach the speed of light, they start gaining mass instead of getting faster, which is wrong on so many levels).

Seconded by a physics professor of my acquaintance over here.