The Last Beatles Song?

I heard some DJ mention that the “Ballad of John & Yoko” was the last Beatles song? But, I heard it so fast, I must have heard wrong. This doesn’t sound right to me…based on the chronology of their albums.

Does any Beatle fan know what I might have actually heard???

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The last song the Beatles recorded together as a band was George Harrison’s “I Me Mine,” which appears on the “Let It Be” album.

i believe that is correct.

So you won’t count “Real Love”?

Yep, it was I Me Mine, recorded in January of 1970. Spector brought the group in to record the final new song. (They were still polishing older songs into April though). Although, John wasn’t present during the recording of I Me Mine

So let me get this straight. You count “I Me Mine” as a genuine Beatles song, even though John didn’t play on it.

But “Real Love,” even though John unfortunately couldn’t join them in the recording studio, nevertheless had his voice and piano in it. So how can you say “Real Love” in 1996 wasn’t the absolute last Beatles song?

What was the recording date for “I Me Mine”? Sometime in 1969? I thought Abbey Road was recorded later than Let It Be? I remember the song “I Me Mine” was recorded in the film Let It Be. John was there, waltzing with Yoko. Who would have guessed he knew how to waltz!

An early run through of “I Me Mine” was recorded in January and February 1969 in the “Let It Be” sessions but was not released at that time. Parts of the album were tinkered with by the Beatles throughout 1969, and George re-recorded “I Me Mine” Jan 3/4, 1970 with Paul and Ringo (John was absent). Eventually, Phil Spector re-produced the album for release in May, 1970.

The Ballad of John and Yoko was recorded by John and Paul (George and Ringo were not involved) in mid-April 1969. It was released May 30 in Britain and a week later in North America. I can’t imagine what that DJ said.

Abbey Road was recorded July/August 1969 for release at the end of September.

Abbey Road was actually recorded before Let it Be, but was released after. So “Her Majesty” isn’t the song that marks the end of all the Beatles albums…thank god.

D’oh! Sorry about that! My mistake.

According to Mark Hertsgaard in “A Day In The Life”:

Abbey Road was released September 1969

Beatles broke up on April 10, 1970

Let It Be was released May 13, 1970

“Let It Be this came to be regarded as the group’s farewell album, even though Abbey Road, recorded in the summer of 1969, was actually the last album they made.”

" The Ballad of John and Yoko" was recorded by John and Paul alone (John: guitars lead vocals, piano/ Paul: bass, drums, backing vocals).

So if a two Beatle quorum is allowed, Raul and Ringo from “Really Love You” from Flaming Pie :slight_smile:

I Want You (She’s So Heavy) was the last song all four of them recorded together, I Me Mine was the last song they recorded as a group. The recording dates of Abbey Road and Let It Be get somewhat confusing (the earliest song on Let It Be was originally recorded in 1968 and the latest was recorded in 1970, after all). The link below can help you sort things out.

It occurred to me that the site I provided contradicts my claim about I Want You. :slight_smile: I don’t have a cite for that, but in any case, that link is a handy reference.

While I Me Mine was the last recorded Beatles song…the last time all four Beatles were in the studio together was 20 August, 1969, when they finished up I Want You (She’s so Heavy) and worked on cleaning up Abbey Road.

This is a great thread to mention the book every Beatles fan should own: The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions : the Official Story of the Abbey Road years* by Mark Lewisohn*

It is a bible, providing a day-by-day account of exactly what was recorded each day in the Abbey Road Studios. Not only does it list who was present, what songs they recorded (including many never released tunes), but it also details all sorts of personal Beatles trivia. Great Book!

oops…I just noticed that it’s listed as “Out-of-Print”. Well, if you’re a big enough Beatles fan, I’m sure you can track down a copy. It’s well worth it!

You beat me to it typhoon!

Anyone else think its ironic that the song “The End” is not (a) the last song on an album, (b) the last Beatles song recorded, © the last Beatles song released?

I still don’t get it why you’re all ignoring “Real Love.” Somebody come right out and explain why that doesn’t count as a Beatles song?

Because The Beatles ceased to exist as of December 8, 1980. Simple as that. Anything “new” put out after that date can only be regarded as more of a “novelty” song than anything else.

Mr. Frink, your argument does not hold water. The Beatles as a corporate entity ceased to exist in 1970. Nonetheless, a song made by all four blokes who had been the Beatles, credited to “The Beatles” on the record label, how is that “not” Beatles? Without torturing logic beyond sense? Since the record label had the credit on it “The Beatles,” I think that settles it who made the record, it did not say “Ad Hoc Novelty Song Pick Up Band.”

Pete Best? Sure. Stu Sutcliffe? As a stretch. Billy Preston? He has the “honorary” title. George Martin? Most definitely.

But I sure don’t remember a 5th Beatle named “Raul”!!!

(runs from room, ducking…)

:slight_smile: Well on the tapes I bought at the swap, he’s listed as Raul!