The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

I just found out about this and am totally stoked! :eek: :smiley: There will be 4 books in the series and the first book comes out 10/14 according to

I’m sure some haters will post here, but I’m hoping to hear from some more excited fans of the series!


If you like that you’ll love this site , where SRD does an amazing gradual interview, that he updates every day. ALthough, I think the man should be writing more, and talking less.

I’m excited, even though I have very conflicting feelings about Donaldson’s work. But I can’t help but love Thomas Covenant.

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Also, I meant to mention that there is an excerpt from the first chapter on the site, as well as some odd attempt at a trailer.

Well this’ll be interesting, considering what happened at the end of the last one.

Personally, I can’t be arsed reading about that miseryguts Thomas Covenant anymore, so I do not care.

I, too, am conflicted. I loved the stories but it was damned depressing.

I’m not here for hatin’.

However, while I enjoyed the first series, I never got past the first book of the second series.

The first time I tried to read the second series, I could not get into it. But I picked up a set again, and I went through all three in a week. Guess I had to be in the mood.

As to what happened at the end of the last one, I think he’s set it up pretty well that even that doesn’t really mean anything in the long run.

Loved 'em back in the 80s- can’t see myself getting into them again. Why not the Chronicles of (IIRC) Linden Avery?

Excellent! It’ll give me an excuse to read the first two Chronicles again.

I think The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant would make a good anime.

I thought that too… But in the end, I have a feeling it will indeed end up being Thomas Covenant’s story again. Which is fine with me, Linden kinda pisses me off.

My brother was in a D&D campaign set in that world, and it worked really well. SRD’s way of describing the world helped clarify how the world looked and worked amazingly well.

Sadly, for me, the books devolved down into the type of reading that felt good when I stopped doing it; one day, while I was in the middle of the second series, I stopped reading the book to read something else and never went back to it. Same thing happened in the 3rd book of the Wheel of Time series.