The Last Hurrah- My Father

My condolences.

Sorry for your sad news Cicero. May his passing be peaceful.

I’m so sorry.

My condolences to you, Cicero. Cherish your memories of your father; and write his stories down. Not here (unless you want to), but so future members of your family can enjoy them as you did.

I’m sorry, Cicero.

Being an orphan myself, even when you know it’s best, even though you think you’re ready . . . you never really are.

Hold a good wake in his memory.

Thanks for the kind wishes. I cleaned his room at the nursing home today and had to pick up his will and papers from a close friend (I have power of attorney).

She had a message to pass on to me from Dad but only after his death. It was his appreciation of my efforts in the past in looking after him in case he had not expressed himself enough to me. That really got to me.

I’m so sorry, Cicero :frowning:

:frowning: Condolences.

Sorry to hear…but it sounds like he lived a good long life.Growing up in the 1920’s? That’s an era long past-I’m sure the stories are fascinating.

Thanks folks. It has been hectic.

While I appreciate all messages, there are some included from folks here who I have not always seen eye to eye with in the past and for them to respond really means a lot.

The last few days have been hectic, but today has been out of the world. I met with the funeral company who were extremely good, but there are so many revelations about expenses.

Dad always told us- and he thought- he had prepaid his funeral. No- he had invested in bonds for a funeral. Although they have risen in value the cost of a funeral has outstripped them. And the extras- $200 for a funeral notice in the paper. Huh?

And the killer- have to pay $330 for a Govt appointed doctor to ensure he is dead. What- he is almost 91 and been in a morgue for 3 days- I said “What if I just kick him and he doesn’t move?” They didn’t buy it.

On the plus side Vets Affairs will cough up towards $2000 to the cost of a funeral and the RSL (Returned Servicemens League) will provide a free service with the poppies and the last post- all provided by an ex serviceman. The War Graves Commission will supply a plaque.

Again, thanks for the wishes. I am so tired at the moment.

My condolences, Cicero. And a red, red poppy for the edge of your dad’s grave.

Thanks Nava. Appreciated.