The last Jeep wave

I traded in my 2 door Wrangler JK this morning. I drove it for 11 years. I drove the JL I had before that for five years. I really do not like the 4 door models. Added to that, they are pretty pricey. The Gladiators are even worse IMO.

I went in a different direction and bought a 2021 Toyota Tacoma pick up. I thought about this a long time. I do need more cargo space and weight capacity, and I admit that at my age driving a stick shift was getting more difficult

I hope my Jeep finds a good home. It has very low miles and is spotless inside and out. I am sure it will sell quick.

Two fingers peace sign to you. I never owned a proper “jeep”, but a girlfriend did, and I had a Jeepstser Commando for a while. I always enjoyed the camaraderie of the jeep wave. Wish I still had that Commando, now I actually have the means to fix one up.

I still miss the Wrangler. I’ve had them in the past and loved them. After my stroke in 2019, my lease was up for my 2016 Wangler, and I as worried about my ability to drive a stick after the stroke and climbing up into one. So I leased a 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

But I think when my lease is up next March, I might go back to a Wrangler (but an automatic). But the two-door ones seem to cost more than the four-door ones.

But I don’t like the four-door ones.

Agreed, I don’t like the 4 door version, but I kinda like the pickup version.

Took the doors off my 2 door JL today. I’m having fun with it.

Not the most practical vehicle but I spent the last 20 years driving a Toyota PU, so it was time for something different, and growing up my dad always had an old CJ5. Trying to relive the past I guess.

My 2 door was much less than a 4 door, but that was last year, prices have gone crazy with the parts shortages.

Enjoy the Toyota.

My wife’s car is a 2019 Cherokee. It is very nice.

You’ll enjoy the Taco. It’s not a Wrangler, but a Wrangler is also not a Tacoma. I kitted mine out for overlanding including a winch, full skid plates, and rock rails, and with the rear locker I have confidence it’ll go anywhere a Jeep can go save for some extreme rockcrawling. I’d still like to have an FJ40 but the Tacoma is a good balance between being a trail truck and everyday utility vehicle.


They are definitely nice.

I have the red velvet pearl High Altitude model.

I’ve been driving 2 door soft top Wranglers for a long time, trading one in on a new one as needed. My gf’s has been talking about all the other options out there, but I like my Wranglers.