The Last Ship-Novel-spoilers

I am about 3/4 through the book, and read the wikipedia article.
I’ve been wasting my time, what a horrible ending.

I love that book.

We are talking about the book authored by William Brinkley, right? If so, I love that book too. But it has been years since I read it, and honestly I don’t remember then ending.

The TV series, OTOH, was absolutely unwatchable.

Oh, I only had to hear that the TV series changed the plot for me to give it a mental “Fuck off”

I like the book very much, but didn’t buy that there would be TWO nuts/serial killers on board, or that their island sanctuary would get inexplicably nuked like that. Haven’t watched the show because, from the ads, it looked like it was a LOT different from the book.

Very much so. A virus killed almost everyone, and the ship found a cure and go about doing away with bad guys.

I was surprised to not only find out that the TV series was based on a novel, but that I actually own the novel, and have since it came out! I guess maybe I should read my own books once in a while.

The novel sounds like a modern take on On the Beach, with the same fatalism and downer ending. But I like that movie, so maybe I’ll like The Last Ship.

There is still time, brother!

That is it. Published in 1988.
And the novel On the Beach-talk about downer endings!

I dont interpret the ending of Last Ship as downer.

Nor do I. Rueful but basically hopeful, and far more optimistic than On the Beach.

The ending of Romeo and Juliet is more hopeful and optimistic than On the Beach. :slight_smile: