The Last Starfighter To Be A Musical

If anyone doubts that folks are running out of new ideas, this should convince you.

I can’t imagine why anyone would think that this would be a good idea.

Everything you say is true.

I still want to see it.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

That was the sound of myself and all of my good friends - all of us theatre nuts - officially conceding that Broadway has officially gone to hell.

Although I am looking forward to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, as my favorite boy is in it (Norbert Leo Butz). If anyone hasn’t seen him, get thee to the show. I first saw him in The Last Five Years and fell in love, then saw him in Wicked and fell harder.

Maybe this is just a small speedbump on the road back to making Broadway palatable again for those of us who don’t like Disney, Billy Joel, or The Producers.


Would an Elton John/Bernie Taupin musical based on Interview With The Vampie be more to your liking?

Then again, maybe not.

Meh. I knew it was over when I saw that Police Academy 9 was in production.

I guess the producers figured that they could not do the musical “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”.

The real question is how many performances will they do before the show closes.

I blame the Stone Cutters.

It all depends on the quality of the music. Who knows? A musical about a serial killer is the greatest musical in the history of the American stage.


No. I will never, ever see a Broadway show with Elton John’s name anywhere in the credits.

I’m a Broadway purist - I have very few new shows that I truly love. Give me some Sondheim or Rodgers and Hammerstein any day. However, I do love Avenue Q, Wicked, and several others in the past years - and my husband and I are going to see Wicked and Avenue Q at Christmas (I’ve seen them, he hasn’t) and I’m planning to go see Little Women in the spring. But mostly, I stick to revivals because a lot of the stuff on Broadway right now is crap.

I guess I’ll be watching my tapes and DVDs of shows a lot more.


Greetings starfighter, You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Zur and the Kodan Armada.

[sub] Whadda you mean I’m a geek, just cause I remember that after 15 years[/sub]


Hey, if Debbie Does Dalls can be a musical (sans sex, even), why not The Last Starfighter? It’s certainly a movie that’s held up better over the years than Star Wars

And wolfman, that’s supposed to be “Ko-Dan.” :smiley:

Jesus Christ Superstar 2: Serial Killer Boogaloo?


I have advanced tickets for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Faces of Death.

Buddy Boy is saving a seat for you in Hell, Larry

runs to a corner and breaks down laughing

Ok sportsfans, what’s your idea for a new and original musical?

And don’t say The Wrath of Kahn, cause that’s mine!

One of these is an actual musical in production (touring, not on Broadway, yet). Can you guess which?

Brady!: A Very Brady Musical (starring Pia Zadora)

The Ten Commandments: The Musical Spectacle (starring Val Kilmer)

Go General Lee! (based on Starsky and Hutch, starring David Hasselhoff)

Reefer Madnessmania! (starring Paul Reubens [aka Peewee Herman])

Peace, the musical.

Maybe somebody saw Robert Preston’s name and figured that if he was in it it must be a musical.

Alex’s first solo number:

*The trailer park holds me
My mother, she scolds me
But I know there’s a place beyond.
Far from the dust
And the trailers that rust
It’s like my whole life I’ve been conned.

The flashing lights call
From that game by the wall
In its grip I’m a virtual hero.
It calls me away
And as I start to play
No longer am I a mere zero.*

Play the game, play the game, escape your dull life
Play the game, play the game, escape all this strife!

And so forth