The Late, Late Show, Friday July 14

Did anyone else see this? The Bob Barker gag has been coming for months, obviously. (Just in case someone missed it, and cares.)

Bob Barker, using his superhuman judo powers, breaks the top of Craig’s desk. Then the beautiful girls in evening gowns with him whip out hammers and smash the rest of it to pieces. Craig does the rest of the show with a folding card table and a red check tablecloth. At the end, he and the band whip out sledgehammers and smash the entire set - chairs, fake-window-on-LA backdrop, walls, everything.

This wasn’t a spontaneous display of angstiness. But it may be the best set redesign set-up I’ve ever seen! It was truly hilarious!

Any comments?

Dang. I turned it off when the band started playing. Guess I shouldn’t have.