the latest addition to movies I cant stand

The Master of Disguise.

Its not a kids movie. Its not comedy. Its not bad enough to be called a good bad movie (there are a couple of good one-liners to squash that hope. Carvey really was trying to make a good movie.). There’s no inherent social comentary. The plot is ludicruous. The characterisations are incomplete. The script was probably written in half an hour. Oh! and the grandfather teaching him tricks of disguise are just corny!!! And thats another thing: most of the lines are corny, all the actors look stupid. most of the scenes make no sense!!! Its allright if you are making a SNL skit; but if you are making a 90 minute movie, you need some logic or an upfront excuse why you are not going to make sense!! Aargh!! It was a horrible movie. period. I swear: I wanted to walk out within 2 minutes into the movie. I just knew it was going to suck.

The only good thing about this movie: Jennifer Esposito looked good. But which lead woman with make up doesnt? Get yourself a SNL video and save yourself the misery of paying for this movie.

My only hope is that Dana Carvery gets better with experience. I know he is talented.

Outside of the first Wayne’s World have any of his films with leading or featured roles been any good? Opportuntiy Knocks, Trapped In Paradise, and most of his non-SNL film work has been awful.

His short-lived TV series had some promise, but it didn’t last long enough for people to see it. His characters and imitations are so broad, they wear out their welcome way too soon to sustain an entire film. If MOD’s script is as bland and slapdash as you say (I haven’t seen it), then he may not be capable of deeper humor and meanful plotting, even for today’s kind of movies.

He really does seem better suited to hosting his own sketch show. And his presence is a very goofy but likable average guy, again better suited to TV rather than movies.

Yeah well I bet a sequel is already in the works.

God help us all.

Probably so. The first one was made on the cheap and earned enough its first week before the word of mouth killed it off.

The Master Of Disguise II: Because You Fell For It The First Time

You’re older than six, so you’re already outside the target demographic.

I think Gerber strained carrots are kind of nasty also.

I saw an interview with Dana Carver just before the movie’s release and he DID say that this movie was made with his sons, who are around the age of 10, in mind. The plot (or lack thereof) was not intended for an adult or even teenage demographic. It was intended for relatively short attention spans for anything that just isn’t just plain silly.

There’s a scene where he spoofs Jaws; and on the imdb someone mentioned Carvey spoofs Scarface (I havent seen sacrface; I didnt catch that). Neither of them are movies for kids. Thats why I believe he was trying to make a mainstream movie or a blockbuster. And if you agree to that and watch the movie, the incompetence is. just. unbearable.