The law of unintended consequences.

A friend sends me a ton of those emails with misspelled urban legends (be careful walkng to you’re car at the mall!!!). So I introduced her to Snopes, and told her that before she sends me another email with some story in it, she must check Snopes to make sure it isn’t just some urban legend.

I just got an email from her, forwarding more urban legends about abductions (titled “SAFTY TIPS”). She starts it with, “I checked this out on snopes before I sent it to you and it is false. Take care.”

I can’t stop laughing.

The law of unintended consequences states: The outcome of behavior modification on another person is directly related to the density of that person.

Of course, she’s thinking, “I’ve been sending Campion all these stupid ULs for a laugh, and now I have to investigate them too.”

Whut’s a UL?

Urban Legend.

I got it. I thunked it was a mispelt URL too.

Of course, you could be an ass and just say “cite?”


And you ain’t kiddin’.
I have a family member who is known to send bullshit chain letters asking for prayers, the Microsoft email tracking money give away, if you don’t send this to 37 people, you hate America, etc.

I sent her this link as a subtle way of saying, “don’t send me crap” a few weeks ago.

Obviously she didn’t get the hint because she sent me another crap UL chain letter this weekend. I researched the UL on snopes & then hit “Reply to all” with the link to the debunking, as well as my link to the animation. I figured she’d be embarrassed by the “public smack down.” Nope. She cluttered my Inbox the again next day.

However, I got an email from one of the recipients thanking me for sending the links because she can’t stand chain mail. I suppose I’ll have to be more direct next time.