the law

i was wondering how or where i can find a detailed, current, and accurate listing or documentation of all or an CONNECTICUT state laws and statues. i would prefer it be online because im lay and dont really wanna do anthing unless i really have to. i would appreciate anones help or advice

i soak up all the pain and accept it in silence

i meant to write ALL AND ANY CONN…
the Y and Z’s on this damn keyboard dont work right

i soak up all the pain and accept it in silence

Use a search engine (, for example) type in “Connecticut law”, and you’ll get a selection for where to look. [I imagine the moderator would have something to say about simple questions in this site.]

Try this: “FindLaw” - type in the URL as follows:

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Was it you who asked the identical question on AOL/SDMB a couple of months ago?

Going to I typed in “statutes connecticut” and got over 2,000 hits including the very first one: .

And, as Jorge mentioned, the Straight Dope should generally be used for harder to find answers. A request for good search engines or good search methodology might be valid here (which is why Jorge and I included where we searched and what we sought), but you should generally do your own actual searching. This was a thirty-second effort.