The Left attacks Mogg's children

Over here in the UKthe Left are firmly putting their feet in their mouths.

What a horrible and nasty thing to say to a child. Mogg takes the high road and comes out looking good.

It seems that the speaker was Ian Bone of Class War who has close links with Labour and Corbyn.

Whatever you may think of his politics, Mogg is demonstrating that he is a much better person than the leftist idiots.

He’s a better person than Ian Bone (I agree, it’s a terrible thing to say and do to someone’s children), but I can’t see Rees-Mogg getting the higher ground for his generally moronic ideas.

This just shows why that sort of protesting is so idiotic and ineffective - it’s made someone as terrible as Mogg look like the victim and the better person.

“The Left” ?

Racist says protest isn’t a big thing; some random Internet posters disagree. Film at 11.

A few anarchists = the left. Got it.
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Your “Left” consists of just one person?

Class War hate Labour and indeed all parliamentary politicians. They’re anarchists who sometimes go on the same demonstrations as more mainstream groups.

The next time David Duke says something, I’m going to complain about “The Right”.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t go nutpicking.

Anarchists aren’t the left, they’re just jerks. I hate the Corbyn cult, but claiming that Class War is close to Labour just isn’t true.

,Mr Bone appears to be equally opposed to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, posting on Twitter last year: “F*** LABOUR! F*** CORBYN! WE ARE CLASS WAR!”,

Well, if he’s F***ing Corbyn, that means they’re “closely linked”, right? So the OP is spot on and not in any way disingenuous or misleading! :wink:

And so what do we infer from this - that Jeremy Corbyn hates children, eats children, rapes children - what to we draw from the fact some fuckwit is so far lost in his hatred he involves a politicians children in that hate?

Welcome to the SDMB. I’m sure you will do very well here.

You are most kind.

I’m sure Worf can take care of himself.