The Legend of the Three Caballeros.

Has anyone heard of the new cartoon The Legend of the Three Caballeros? If you haven’t, don’t feel bad. It was released on the Disneylife app, and the show is only available in the Philippines. However, you can watch the show online on Youtube or on sites like Kimcartoon. That’s a shame, because it’s actually a really good show.

So not the Daffy Duck movie from the '70’s. Or, boy, I’m old!

Or the Donald Duck movie from the 40s. I’m older’n you!

My brother had a collection of LIFE magazines from the 1940s. One of them had an article about the classic cartoon’s making. The part I found most interesting was how they handled the colors of the three leads’ costumes (Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles) so that they didn’t clash. It required some effort on the part of the Disney artists.

Or the Don Rosa comic book telling the story of Donald meeting up with the Caballeros again? The Three Caballeros Ride Again - Wikipedia