The Lexus IS scream.

First, this is the scream I’m talkin’ about.
In my younger days I’ve driven pretty fast, and done many stupid tricks, but I don’t recall ever having my mouth stretched wide open like in that commercial. Jaw tight and heavy breathing, copper taste, heart pounding, slow motion, sure, but never (sorta) screaming.
Have I been missing something?

I think this commercial is playing off the persistent “Lexus drivers are cocksuckers” meme.

Dang, and I was gonna get me one. Now I can’t. Thanks, buddy. :rolleyes: (;))

The facial-destruction starts about 3:10, enjoy!


I need to druve that thing. :eek:

That model has been replaced by the new one. I was all booked in to drive the older model (there is a company that carries several of them from track to track and trains you before letting you loose) but the fleet was damaged by bad weather in Florida. Google “the Ariel Atom Experience” (and bring your wallet).