The Lil'Wrekker makes a GIANT statement about global warming

I’m not sure how factual it is. Or whether it’s a real thang.

She said that methane gas from big farming operations contribute to pollution and the break down of our atmosphere.
She says that’s why we shouldn’t eat beef.
This is a carryover from her vegan lifestyle that lasted about 45 mins, real time.

I said we need to eat more cows if they are causing trouble.

She rolled her eyes and stomped out of the kitchen with her hamburger that was made by cows, cooked by Mid-daugter.

Oh my. I’m in trouble now.:cow2:

She’s not entirely wrong about methane and cows. But, it’s a serious dilemma for someone who likes beef.

Congrats to the Lil’Wrekker for being environmentally conscious. Yes, what she said is factual. Where it ranks on the scale of GW contributors is a judgment call, as it’s always a matter of “how bad are the effects?” versus “how easy are they to mitigate?”. It’s a fact that about 40% of atmospheric methane comes from agriculture. Methane is on one hand a much more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, and on the other hand has a much shorter atmospheric lifetime than CO2. It’s a complicated balance, but, bless her, the Lil’Wrekker has the right idea. I myself am cutting way down on beef, as I’ve said elsewhere, but for many reasons, not just the environment.

To help the environment, try a new plant based faux meat veggie burger (and not a bean vegan garden type burger).

Impossible burgers are pretty good actually. Ya might want to try that. Fat Burger, if you have that chain, have a tasty Fat Burger Impossible Burger. Not as good but still decent is the Burger King Impossible Whopper.

Personally, I prefer the MorningStar Farms Veggie Sausage Patties to real sausage. YMMV

I’ve never seen it answered but, plausibly, the cows are simply displacing other animals who would eat the grass and burp up methane in their place (or not - I don’t know).

As it is, we control most of this and we can feed the cows seaweed. It makes them largely methane free.

I wonder if seaweed would work for my grandsons?
I raised my mix brood of children and yet I’ve never heard as much gas passing as I have since they’ve been here in my house.
I told their Mom they need to be checked out by a specialist or something.
It’s a seemingly unreal amount and always very funny, to themselves.

P.S. the youngest has an uncanny and dubious distinction of being able to ‘fart’ on command.

Farting on command has a great professional future. Call him flatulist, sounds much posher:

And it goes way back in history:

There has been many a situation in my life where I would have loved to master that art. Alas! It was not to be.

Governor Lé Petomane was the man who made Bart the first black sheriff in the West

Human agriculture is as intensive as is possible, prioritizing high yields over robustness and variety. Nature is not.

There are vastly more land mammals that are livestock than wild, and don’t think that is entirely down to changed land use. xkcd: Land Mammals

The grass wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t being grown for agriculture, no joke. We specifically grow grass species selected for optimal cow growth (note- not cow health), which, as a side effect, increases methane production. There’s a fair bit of reasearch into different plant mixed to try and decrease methane while optimising growth- seaweed supplements can work, but it’s pretty complicated to grow at scale.

Out of curiosity - why not the latter? Are bean-burgers not better for the environment?

… and how are burgers made of beans not plant based?

It’s not that they aren’t plant-based; it’s that they aren’t plausible imitations of beef. They’ve got their own flavor and texture, which is fine, but someone jonesing for a beef burger will not find them satisfying.

Impressive, a true Chanson de Roland!

Or “fartiste.” :smiley:

Beano for bovines.

The Impossible Burgers are pretty good, I agree. I recently discovered some “Buffalo Chik’n patties” from Morningstar Farms, which are really good – I make a sandwich with those and some melted cheese, and it’s delicious.

But… What would have been there, otherwise?

Well, that made me laugh out loud!

I did learn something from the Dope today.
I’m getting ‘beano’ for my lovely stinko grandsons. I wonder if I could put it in their morning cereal?

Experiments will be underway. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Something else?

I mean, even if it did was previously the very specific habitat mentioned there, seasonally flooded tropical rainforest, it’s only emitting CO2e (standard measure taking CO2, methane and other warming gasses into consideration at appropriate levels) on balance for part of the year. And that’s just the living trees- wider wetlands can also be incredibly valuable long-term carbon stores, and incredibly microbially active. The fact that trees and wetlands can emit some methane is a)unsuprising and b)irrelevant in the larger scheme of things; they process a lot of carbon, and they store more than they emit.

They can’t possibly emit more carbon than they take in, unless they’re magicking carbon from nowhere. We’re the muppets who keep digging up all the long-term carbon stores; where does all the fertiliser come from to grow animal feed- because most of the cattle you’re eating sure aren’t spending their whole lives wandering around a grassy field- we grow feed for them. What are we using to transport the feed, transport the meat?

I’ve never seen a tree heading down a coal mine with a pickaxe…