the living dead

Do the people who are alive right now greater in number than the people who have lived since humans first appeared(and were counted)?

Here’s what Snopes says.

Assume that the oldest person alive is 120. If, in 1880, You counted the number of people who have ever lived, you would find that it is smaller than 6 billion. So, to answer your question, yes.

Argeable, there’s a couple of holes in your argument.

First, determining the figures for 1880 really isn’t relevant to the question. There’s a lot of people born since 1880; some of whom are now alive and some of whom are now dead. Therefore these people would be counted on opposite sides of the balance.

Second, your estimate that there were less then six billion people in 1880 may be wrong. According to the Snopes site (and I have no reason to argue their figures) the estimate of total humans could be as low as 12,000,000,000 or as high as 116,000,000,000. Their best estimate is 66,000,000,000; subtract the 6,000,000,000 currently alive and the dead equal 60,000,000,000 or ten times the number of living.