The local USPO scanned my Priority Mail package at 6:15am, but it's just sitting there.

And the estimated delivery date is March 24.

I’ve received Priority Mail packages before, and what typically happens is that by this time, it would be marked out for delivery. But I’m not sure I ever had one hit the local office on a Saturday morning.

Is there something different about Saturdays? Do they not deliver Priority Mail on this day of the week? AFAIK we still have Saturday delivery generally, but that’s another odd thing: I haven’t seen any mail carriers on the block. Again typically, by this time on an ordinary day I would see a mail carrier working the block. But today I haven’t seen any mail carriers or vehicles at all.

Is there a federal holiday I forgot about?

ETA: of course, I know the tracking tool isn’t always up to the minute.

In most of the country, there is delivery on Saturday including Priority Mail. There may some areas like the bottom of the Grand Canyon and Alaskan wilderness with no Saturday delivery.

Trust me on this, I speak from long experience with shipping: USPS scanning is very unreliable. Either somebody forgot to scan your package or their scanner has not synced up with the main data base yet.

I frequently get my mail delivered at 8:00 pm, so don’t give up just yet.

You’ll get your package on Monday AM. Just file a claim with the USPS if it was supposed to have been delivered Saturday and it wasn’t and they’ll refund the postage.

Problem solved.

In my experience (up to last week), UPS and Fedex is up to the minute, USPO can only hope to come close.

Overnight USPO mail, guaranteed delivery before noon, product delivered on time, but tracking number and delivery confirmation could not be found until 4 hours later.

The only guaranteed USPS delivery service is Express Mail (which they have now renamed Priority Mail Express to “make it less confusing”). Priority Mail (non-Express) is not guaranteed. They will not refund your postage for Priority Mail regardless of whether it is one day or one year late.

I bought an item on EBay. Seller shipped it from Niagara Falls, NY to my Cayman Islands address.

Tracking showed it went to Chicago, Il and then there were no further updates. In my experience almost all postal material from the US to Cayman transits via Miami or Tampa.

Notwithstanding the tracking I got my package about three weeks after the last tracking update.

This. Also, I have in the past had non-Priority packages received at the PO before their expected delivery time, and was told I could not pick it up yet because it had not been ‘marked for delivery.’ My take from that is that since I had not paid for the higher shipping for supposed faster delivery, they weren’t going to let me benefit from the early arrival.