The London 2012 Olympic Games Committee is cute

Wait, what? They own the word “olympic”?

BMX is an Olympic sport? F that!

There shitty, atrocious logo is enough for a pitting alone.

Western Washington was clever enough to have Olympia and the Olympic Mountains before the IOC decided they owned those words. I guess they’re grandfathered in.

They said cute, not hot.

No, that would be if Gemma Arterton, Kate Beckinsale, and Elizabeth Hurley joined the committee.

Otherwise the Amateur Sports Act would not have any votes from Washington, I suppose :slight_smile: Actually, I exaggerate, some years afterwards the Act was sensibly amended to restore the longtime trademark principle that there’s no case if it’s obvious your business is not associated with Olympic sport, but for the 20 years before the amendment got passed yes USOC technically “owned” the terms and on ocassion would get Disneyesque about it.

They are also attempting to block the use of the words gold, summer, sponsors, 2012 and London.

How tempting to make up “Gold Family Reunion Summer BBQ – London 2012” t-shirts.

I was living in Calgary at the time of the 1988 Winter Olympics. One of the stories making the rounds concerned the venerable “Olympic Restaurant”, a Calgary fixture for decades. I think you can guess the rest . . . yes, the restaurant owners were compelled to change its name.

“The power of the IOC compels you! The power of the IOC compels you!”

Maybe can be your sponsers.