The London 2012 Olympic Games Committee is cute

They think they can decide who can link to them and what they write in their links:

Linking Policy

  • heh heh they think they are a junior Central Propaganda Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party. Endearing small critters aren’t they.

Ps. The London Olympic Committee is a bunch of fishy cunts

To twist a great film quote, “Forget it Rune, it’s the Olympics”

Since when were they *not *a quasi-fascistic, money-grabbing, legislative bulldozer with the social niceties of a pissed-up KKK old-boys reunion. The sooner the whole rotten edifice eats itself the better.

I am still looking forward to the games however.

I’m looking forward to the sporting parts of the London Olympics 2012. On the other hand: Dow Chemical, a sponsor of the London Olympics 2012, can ram an London Olympics 2012 torch up their collective corporate hoop. Bhopal. Bhopal. Bhopal.

Indeed. I’m massively conflicted about the whole thing.

Do they know how the internet works??

Clearly not.

I thought Bhopal was Union Carbide.

Same thing these days.

Yeah, but Bhopal was before that. When you buy a company, do you inherit the blame for all the crappy stuff they did on their own? (Yes, I realize what a massive understatement “crappy stuff” is in this case.)

Yes, I think that when you buy a company, you inherit the blame, and any remaining liability for any “crappy stuff” they did prior to that.

You inherit their infrastructure, their employees, their profit, and their goodwill.

I don’t see why you don’t get the bad stuff as well.

I quite like this.

Or maybe link to this video.

:confused: I had a relative who died in the Bhopal disaster (well, quite a long time afterwards, but assuredly of poisoning from the gas release) and I don’t understand why Dow should take the blame. They bought the company 17 years later.

You’re welcome to your opinion on the matter. For my part, i think we’ve hijacked the thread enough. If this is important enough for you to discuss further, feel free to start a thread.

Seriously. Liability yes, that’s absolutely part of the package but blame seems… counterproductive.

That said the Olympics don’t get that out. The IOC is one of the more corrupt organizations in the world and even their patchwork attempts to fix it scream more of cover up than repair. OTOH they put on a hell of a show. I am also conflicted.

I see now that instead of private security, the military will be deploying 3500 extra troops for the Olympics. This is because the contractor for security is G4S.

G4S, you might recall was in the news a while back. A G4S employee killed three of his co-workers and wounded a fourth in a strongarm robbery in Calgary.

Quote from CNN: In a statement Saturday, the company said it had “encountered significant difficulties in processing applicants in sufficient numbers through the necessary training, vetting and accreditation procedures. As a result, we will be unable to deliver all of the necessary workforce numbers.”

No shit!

Well that makes sense; they’d want the military to protect the visitors from their security forces…

Perhaps if the internet refuses to jump through the same hoops as the rest of the Olympic Sponsors, it’ll get shut down.

Anyway, criticism of the sponsors seems constructive in a vague sense, so here’s a (lazy) breakdown.

Coca cola, McDonalds, Atos, P&G, Samsung, Dow (Bhopal already mentioned, they also made hydrogen triggers for nuclear weapons and napalm for use in Vietnam), Visa, Adidas, BT, EDF, Lloyds TSB, Cadburys (Kraft) [also owns Trebor], Deloitte, Cisco, ArcelorMittal, Heineken, Rio Tinto, Thames Water, Westfield, Ticketmaster, Rapiscan, Boston Consulting Group (not really criticism, but Bill Bain was from there), GlaxoSmithKline, Heathrow.

Wenlock and Mandeville.

I say give the Olypmics back to the Greeks. They could do with a massive PR fest.

And if you dare call them on it they get all indignant about how they are a private nonprofit and not a governmental organization and they are accountable to the membership only and wouldn’t it be terrible for your country’s hard working athletes if their sport’s federation got problems getting accredited. They always make the* locals* be the ones who do the dirty work. IOC makes one of the conditions of granting the games that the local authorities pass privilege legislation/regulation to suit them about branding, security, bailout guarantees, etc. and now, apparently, that franchisees adopt restrictive policies on Internet access. IIRC in the USA you can get a nasty letter from USOC, backed by federal statute, if you start a business with the name “Olympic” outside of western Washington State.

We dodged a bullet here in '04 after a misguided attempt by some deluded fools to seek the games for San Juan was rightfully thwarted.

I totally misunderstood the intent of the thread title.

I thought it was going to be about Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, and Emma Watson joining the committee.