The Lone Ranger

I’m asking this for a friend. She says that on every episode of the old television series The Lone Ranger that she sees today, when it comes time for someone to ask the famous question, “Who was that masked man?”, the next line of dialogue is always missing from the soundtrack (i.e, actor’s lips are moving silently), and then comes, “It’s the Lone Ranger!”

Has anyone else noticed this on the TV series? Why the missing dialogue?

IIRC, the followup to “Who was that masked man?” was always “I don’t know, but I’d sure like to thank him!”

I haven’t seen an episode of this in over 30 years (20 if you count the movie), though. Can’t imagine why they’d cut that dialogue.

I haven’t seen the series in years, but isn’t the next line often “I don’t know, but he left this silver bullet.”

 Perhaps it is not "politically correct" or something, to have a hero who uses ammunition as a calling card.

I don’t recall their ever being a “standard” finish to each episode. Sometimes there was the “Who was that masked man?” line, and sometimes LR and Tonto just hopped on their horses and rode off.

Sometimes the line was answered with “I don’t know but…” and sometimes the scene cut to LR riding away shouting “Hi-Yo, Sillllllver!”

And my ever-fading memory is that they said

“Why, I thought you knew. He’s the Lone Ranger.”