The Longest Day fans. Richard Todd dies

A great actor who was in some of the big WWII movies, The Longest Day and The Dam Busters and a soldier who IRL walked the walk as many others of his generation had to do.

In The Longest Day he played Major John Howard who had to hold the Pegasus Bridge near Caen, in the movie he kept on thinking back to his instructions “HOLD UNTIL RELIEVED”. IRL they did hold the bridge and IRL Richard Todd was on that bridge holding it for real as he was one of the first British Officers to parachute in on that fateful day.

In an interview I saw he said he always got lots of ribbing about the “Hold until relieved” line from his comrades in arms.

He also played Wing Commander Guy Gibson in The Dam Busters (one of the finest and most uplifting WWII movies IMO) brilliantly.
A great man IRL and the arts.

Good show Captain Todd.

And born in Dublin to boot… :smiley:

I was going to post a thread about Richard Todd, but yours is much better than mine would have been.

I have to say though that I was surprised to find out that he was still alive.

Hold until relieved, Captain Todd.

In the Longest Day tontine, that now leaves:

Paul Anka
Richard Beymer
Sean Connery
Steve Forrest
Michael Medwin
Leslie Phillips
Tommy Sands
George Segal
Robert Wagner
Stuart Whitman

(I’m sure I may have missed one or two; that cast is huge!)

:smiley: A much underused concept/word.

Here’s a 3 min video with Todd going back to Normandy 60 years later

Thanks for posting that.

“Mortality was an issue at the time”.

Bloody hell.

For me, the favourite part played by Richard Todd was as Commander Kerrans in ‘Yangtse Incident’. I met Cdr Kerrans many years later, and he told me that he found it very embarrassing that Todd had played him in the film - ‘Because he was much better than I was.’ On the other side of the coin, when ‘HMS Amethyst’ was used for the filming, more damage was done than in the actual event.

Great film, and the loss of a fine actor.

Two of Todd’s sons committed suicide, as recounted in the wiki article:

Our local news programme has just broadcast an interview with him recorded last year. He said that his own grave will be between those of his two sons.

I remember him best for his performance opposite Ronald Reagan in “The hasty Heart.” He played a terminally ill Scottish soldier in an Army hospital.

I’ve watched yojimbo’s linked video twice now and choked up both times. The Greatest Generation was multinational.

I remember him as Robin Hood in a movie from the 1950’s – very handsome and with an air of calm and strength. He was still handsome in the D-Day video. It shouldn’t mean anything, but when people age well I think they probably also lived well, without causing pain.

One of his best movies. I only saw it because it also starred Patricia[Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!]Neal.

If I remember correctly, Richard Todd replaced Richard Basehart in the stage version of The Hasty Heart, and so when they decided to do the movie, Todd got the part.