The Lost City

I saw this movie last night, after being told by all my Cuban friends I had to see it. I wanted to like, it really did, but in the end I found it dissapointing.

It was supposed to be based, more or less, on Cabrera Infante’s "Tres Tristed Tigres (Three Sad Tigers), but it really only followed that story in bits and pieces. In my opinion the movie suffers in many ways, but the most obvious is that it never really tells a complete story. It tries to tell a lot of different stories but never tells any one of them very well or very completely.

It also suffers in that it was not shot in Cuba, and some of the scenes that are supposed to happen in Havana made me want to scream, but I suppose if you’re not familiar with Havana that’s less of a problem.

I think Andy Garcia expected those who saw the movie to have a Cuban background, or at least a knowledge of things Cuban, and that would probably help. The problem is that most people don’t have that background so to them the movie is a bunch of loosely connected scenes.

I will add though that as long as Ines Sastre (Aurora Fellove) was on the screen the faults of the movie didn’t really matter so much.