The Lost Dr. Seuss Book

I Love My Job by Dr. Seuss
The Lost Dr. Seuss Book

I love my Job, I love the Pay!
I love it more and more each day.
I love my Boss; he’s the best!
I love his boss and all the rest.

I love my Office and its location -
I hate to have to go on vacation.
I love my furniture, drab and gray,
and the paper that piles up every day!

I love my chair in my padded Cell!
There’s nothing else I love so well.
I love to work among my Peers
I love their leers and jeers and sneers.

I love my Computer and all its Software;
I hug it often though it doesn’t care…
I love each Program and every File,
I try to understand once in a while!!

I’m happy to be here, I am I am;
I’m the happiest Slave of my uncle Sam.
I love this Work: I love these Chores.
I love the Meetings with deadly Bores.

I love my Job - I’ll say it again -
I even love these friendly Men -
These men who’ve come to visit today
In lovely white coats to take me away!!

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

I am the Lewrax. I speak for the cubicles.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Why is CanadianSue talking about “Uncle Sam”? Is some sort of Frozen North counterpart to Uncle Sam, John Bull, et al?

I thought this was going to be the book “The Grinch’s Ten Inches”

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

I found the book.
It was behind the couch.

You’re welcome.

This space for rent.

I found the book,
it was behind the couch.
Why didn’t YOU look,
you lazy slouch?
thanx 4 tha setup, wally

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

      • I will not read it in a chair
      • I will not read it with a mare
      • I will not read it on the ground
      • Nor in a tree, or upside down
      • Not with a chicken, goat, or lamb
      • I will not read it, Sue-I-Am.

I thought the Lost Book of Seuss was

“Horton Hires a Ho.”

No Horton Hires a Ho was a double book paired with Herbert the Pervert Likes Sherbert.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.