The love that dare not speak its name - beyond same sex

Annie is our pitbull. Tyson is our polydactyl adopted stray cat. Both girls.

Tyson is in heat and keeps enticing Annie into illicit trysts.

The family was having breakfast this morning when Tyson displayed her rump to Annie, gave a few “come hither” purrs and made herself available.

Annie happily laid down behind Tyson and began merrily licking the little kitty all about her naughty bits. Tyson emits a gutteral growl of delight.

“Fer cryin’ out loud! Can you go in the other room? We’re tryin’ to eat here!”

They both startle, seeming to just become aware of our presence. They shamefully shuffled off.

I guess they finished in the living room.

Had to share.

Nice. I did share an apartment once with two sister cats who were into lesbian kitty incest, but I think this has them beat.

“Illicit”? Now, now, who’s being judgemental here? :smiley:

"Illicit "? Kirk used to do it all the time…

What’s the quadruped equivalent of ‘rishathra’ again?

Bestial bestiality! What next!

(Though we have had threads here previously about a case involving a homosexual necrophiliac duck.)

Dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!

Ooh, I hope I’m first with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

A cat in heat is pretty annoying, are you planning to get Tyson spayed soon? That should cool her jets a bit. A cat in heat will try to get out as well, probably better to get her spayed before bringing a litter of kittens into the world!

That duck will never be able to run for public office.

I would vote for that duck. He sounds progressive.

I have to assume the OP is in Massachusetts or a state (or country) that’s recognized same-sex unions or marriage. We were warned that doing so would lead to a rampant inter-species sexual frenzy, including but certainly not limited to men marrying their pets. But nobody listens, and now – behold the consequences.

Link, please? I searched unsuccessfully.

Not SD, but here is the original paper ( pdf ):

Duck For President

We had a big black Lab named Lucky who now and again would attempt sexual congress with a cat. He would get the unfortunate cat between his front paws and hump away with a dreamy look on his dog face. The cats would endure it, more or less, but I guess sometimes Lucky got lucky, so to speak, and the cat would yowl, spit, claw, and run away. We were expecting “dittens” or “cogs”, but they never got born.

Lucky also would regurgitate food for the kittens in the barn. He was a cool, if confused dog. A good mum, too.

Well, that’s…disturbing.

I have three cats, all fixed. One of them still gets these “instinctual urges” that he clearly doesn’t understand the purpose of. He attempts to act on them. It can be pretty funny.

Here is a fairly common configuration :rolleyes:

I used to have a wiener dog that would, uh, hook up with a stray black cat that hung around my house. It was really surprising to me that the cat put up with it, it could have got away pretty easily if it wanted to.

The dog being cool with it wasn’t too shocking. He’d hump anything. Legs, his blanket, cardboard boxes, whatever. I think he was a reincarnated sailor or something.

I had a female poodle growing up that used to try to hump our male cat. It was weird.

There’s a potbellied pig where I used to board my horse. That pig had carnal knowledge of several of the geldings.The geldings would be lying in the pasture and the pig would mount them and pump away. I never saw it happen with the mares, but they were in a different pasture and I didn’t pay that much attention.