The low-down on Sykes and Cosby

I have heard echos of a confrontation between Wanda Sykes and Bill Cosby on one of the awards shows. Can anyone give me the low-down?

He made some kind of crack about how she should speak proper English. Wish I could tell you more but I’m having a hard time finding this in the news archives (was it whitewashed, perhaps?).

Search on The Emmys.

I did a search under google - news- and their names, here’s a snip Wanda Sykes, the only comedienne in the group, unintentionally offered the evening’s most comedic moment when she prodded an unamused Bill Cosby into chastising her grammar. In a way scarier performance than any lecture he gave Theo, Cosby answered her prattling about “The Cosby Show” being scripted (rather than improv like nominee “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) with an admonishing “we spoke English.”