The Lyric Mutation Game

You know what the words actually are, but you change them to something hopefully humorous. This is not for mishearings. So “wrapped up like a douche” or “there’s a bathroom on the right” are not the focus.


Frank Zappa “Be In My Video”: the real lyrics are “we’ll spray an alley with a hose, and we’ll escape together.” The mutated version is “…hose, and then we’ll mine the harbour!”

Yes “And You And I” Real lyrics: “the teacher travels asking to be shown the same.” Mutated version “the teacher travels, ask a hippie so you say!”

Steely Dan “Kid Charlemagne”: Real lyrics: “Did you realise that you were a champion in their eyes?” Mutated version: “Did you realise that you were Italian in their eyes?”

Sister Sledge “We Are Family”: Real lyrics: "All of the people around us say can they be that close? Just let me say for the record … " Mutated version: “Just let me staple the vicar!”

Most of mine get a bit bawdy, so I’ll wait a bit before posting more.

“Country as a turnip green”


“Salty as a burned out teen”

In Summer Nights, from Grease:

'Wonder what she’s doing now?" to
“Wonder who she’s doing now?”