The makeup change in "The Howling Man"

On the Wikipedia page for the Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man”, it says the following:

But the actual scene (available on Youtube, the transformation scene starts at 3:50) looks nothing like this description. There’s clearly a cut every time the Devil walks behind a pillar and he comes out looking different after each one.

The transformation described on the Wikipedia page sounds very cool and I wish I could have seen that, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t happen in this episode at least. Am I crazy or is the Wikipedia editor? Has anyone seen the 1930 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? What does the transformation look like?

I saw the 1930 Dr. Jekyll awhile back. Basically, shading and lines appear on Frederic March’s face, then the camera cuts away.

You can see it here.

The Wiki page is confusing the Twilight Zone episodes. The red/green makeup changing scene they refer to is on Kevin McCarthy’s character in the TZ episode “Long Live Walter Jameson” , and I’ve described it on this board before – they painted age lines on McCarthy’s face in one color (red, say), and up until the transformation, the scene is lit in the same color light, so they don’t show up. But at one point they gradually bring down the red light and bring up the green, and the lines become visible. It’s a neat effect, properly done (i.e. – you don’t put anything else red or green in the shot at the same time, and you’re careful to keep the light balance the same).

I understand the effect has been used in other movies. I’m pretty certain it wasn’t used in the 1931 Rouben Mamoulian/Fredric March version of Dr. Jeckyll and Mister Hyde, because his Hyde was a pretty hairy guy, without a lot of painted or shaded features. But they might have used this is some other version of Jeckyll – God knows there were enough of them.